Chainsaw Man Season 2

Chainsaw Man Season 2: Release date, caste,and everything you need to know

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Finally, the first season of Chainsaw Man concluded, providing us with the pinnacle of entertainment but now leaving us completely void, especially on a Tuesday evening. With its outstanding story and stunning artwork, it could not afford to disappoint its audience, earning it the title of best anime of 2022.

Fans are now excited to look forward to its upcoming season, as it has become the most popular and has earned a place on the top priority list of fans. Still, unfortunately, every good thing has an end, and Tatsuki Fujimoto’s senryu has ended. 

Fans have already begun speculating about the release date of Season 2, but Mappa Studios has yet to announce anything, leaving us with little to look forward to. Still, the question of when the current season will be released arises.

Chainsaw Man season 2 Is Being Produced By Which Studio?

As of now, there is yet to be any authentic information regarding which studio will produce season 2. Still, according to the rumors, it is most likely to be produced by the Mappa studio. 

There is no denying that season 1 successfully delivered a full action-packed story with a completely advanced form of animation.

 They tried their best to make the animation one step ahead and did it perfectly, and fans may even go insane if the Mappa does not come forward to produce the next sequel, which would be very difficult to imagine if that did not happen. 

What Happened in Chainsaw Man season 1, and what will happen in Chainsaw Man Season 2?

Chainsaw Man’s first season focused on a young boy named Denji and his Devil chainsaw dog, Pochita. In the series, Denji becomes a devil hunter after inheriting his father’s YAKUZA debt; he has been killed by a Zombie Devil, a form of creature that manifested from the thirst of humanity’s terrible fear.

Denji, on the other hand, has been resurrected and fused with his Devil Dog Pochita to become the Titular Chainsaw Man, capable of transforming into a Sentient Chainsaw by pulling the ripcord on his head.

Along with his partners Aki Himeno and Kobeni, he spent most of the first season honing his public safety devil hunter role. They give it their all in battle against the Bad Devils, Ghost Devils, and Katana Man, who can advance his skills to a whole new level, giving him an advantage in fighting the evils. 

After the Snake Devil murdered Akane, their team set out to find the Gun Devil and the mysterious woman, who also appeared to be very beautiful and attractive. The first season of The Chainsaw Man was based on the first 38 chapters of the manga, so if you can’t keep your horses tight, you can begin reading the manga at chapter 39.

It needs to be determined where the next season will lead regarding material adaptation. We have almost completed one-fourth of the first part of the manga (the Public Safety Saga), and from there, it has become a high possibility that next season will also be. 

Chainsaw Man may also deliver content in their next season. The rapidly growing threats posed by Gun Devil will undoubtedly be felt keenly by the newly merged Division 4 of Public Safety and its team.

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Caste of Chainsaw Man Season 2?

In season 2 of Chainsaw Man, we are expecting to see the returns of Denji (Kikunosuke Toya), Power (Fairouz Ali), and Aki (Shogo Sakata). We may also get a chance to see a central character named Deze. We’re also expecting the new dub to appear as a caste in season 2 to play their role. 

What is the expected date for the Trailer of Chainsaw Man Season 2?

As of now, there is no such information regarding the release of the trailer for season 2, so it is pointless to expect the release of the season 2 trailer anytime soon. 

We can see a brief clip that we can expect in the first half of 2023. I recommend following Crunchyroll’s social accounts and the official Chainsaw Man Twitter handle to get more information in the coming month.

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Where can we stream Chainsaw Man Season 2?

Season 1 of Chainsaw Man was available to watch in both subbed and dubbed versions, with the finale of season 1 dubbed airing in mid-January only on Crunchyroll for premium members. According to the Japanese broadcast schedule, we can easily assume that season 2 will stream exclusively on Crunchyroll for premium members only. 

If you’re unsure what to watch next or want to watch more anime like this, I highly recommend checking out the Top 10 anime you can watch with your family. To get updated with information related to upcoming anime in 2023, you can always visit our website. Who was your favorite character from Season 1? Let us know in the comments down below!

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