Single’s Inferno review

Single’s Inferno – taking “we found love in a hopeless place” to a whole different level

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You must have heard about this new show called “Single’s Inferno” taking the world by storm. Your friend is talking about it, and so is the internet. So what exactly is this all about? Well, if you are a fan of reality dating tv shows like “Too Hot To Handle” that came out in 2020 and had viewers hooked, or the very popular “Love Island” and “Bachelor in Paradise” that are the staples of the genre, then this article is for you.

A little introduction to this viral sensation

Single’s Inferno focuses on the same type of content as any other reality dating show. It features four girls and five boys looking for love in this vast world. These nine people are then taken to a remote island where they spend nine days together. While there, they are provided with basic facilities like a tent dorm, bathrooms, kitchen, dining area, etc., but they still have to cook for themselves, fetch water, and make the best of their resources. 

Like all reality shows, the singles in this Inferno have to compete in unique games where the winner gets privileged access to better resources. This increases the desire to win, and it also means that you get to show off in front of others and earn bonus points with the opposite gender. 

What’s the catch in Single’s Inferno?

But that is not the biggest prize of all. There are multiple opportunities for every individual to pick their preferred person, and if they both select each other, the couple gets to spend a night at the world-class Paradise Hotel. This grand resort and hotel situated in Incheon is not only one of the most luxurious and exquisite establishments full of top-tier facilities but is also a dream for many to afford. This makes it the show’s most significant selling point as viewers wait to find out who will go with who.

Panelists make it even more exhilarating 

Another element that makes this show so interesting is that a set of 4 live commentators are present. They constantly react to the events taking place, which helps create a sense of familiarity between the viewer and the critics. Not to forget, finding the same scenes exciting and funny increases one’s desire to watch more as they feel that they are sharing the events with the analysts. 

A 10/10 recommendation to unwind to 

But in conclusion, if you are looking for something light to excite you after a hard day at work, Single’s Inferno is a great suggestion. Not only will it help you relax, but the charming contestants are pleasing to the eye and offer a beautiful experience.

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