Write for us – anime/kpop/kdrama/TV series/tech

If you’re reading this right now then you are one click away from thousands of readers who are listening to what you have to say! Be it anime, Kpop or Netflix, or any other entertainment niche, otakusmart has audiences from all over the world. 

Apart from reaching those audiences, otakusmart is a community of people who live and breathe pop culture. Most otakusmart writers are pop culture geeks themselves, and we always talk about new games, anime recommendations, Kpop bias, and you’ll see the rest soon. 

We are currently accepting writers for these niches – 

Anime/Kpop/Gaming/Movie/News/Kdrama/Tech/Fashion/TV series

Please note, that all the positions at otakusmart are voluntary. In the future, if we make some money with this project, we can proceed with paid internships. 

Things we’re looking for!

  • Friendly nature (can joke around to lift the mood)
  • Can submit 5-10 articles in a month
  • Fun-loving personality
  • Recommend your favorite shows to us (we all love new TV series and movies)
  • Can write research-based copies without plagiarism
  • A constant zeal for learning
  • Your aim should be high as a Hokage
  • Give more than you take from this platform

I’ll see you in the wonderland!

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Interested writers or students planning to become a writer can apply by going over our Contact Us page or you can also content OTAKUSMART by shooting an email to [email protected].