BLACKPINK Net Worth 2022

What is BLACKPINK Net Worth in 2023 And Who Is the Richest BLACKPINK Member?

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BLACKPINK is one of the most successful K-pop groups ever, joining the ranks of BTS, TWICE, and others. Their on-screen chemistry and talent have amassed them as one of the most influential all-girl K-pop groups and also helped them make a fortune with their ceaseless fans called “blinks.”

Today, we’ll be looking at their net worths, and possibly we’ll also uncover the richest member of BLACKPINK. I know most of you think that a particular individual in the group is the richest; however, sit tight because we’ll unravel the true opulent of them all. But before we start with their individual net worths, let’s see what BLACKPINK is worth as a combined group.

BLACKPINK net worth in 2023 (combined)

BLACKPINK has been active as a brand ambassador for big companies like Samsung, Dior, and Cartier, to name a few. As a four-member group, BLACKPINK has a combined net worth of USD 62 million.

Most of BLACKPINK’s income comes from album sales, world tours, brand endorsement, and exclusive promotional events. Moreover, these four women have been pursuing their solo careers as well.

For example, Lisa’s solo album, LALISA, paved her way to debuting at number eighty-four on the Hot 100 and number two on the Global 200 charts. Similarly, Jennie’s SOLO album debuted atop Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart in 2018. The song has been said to be on the same spot for 25 weeks and has sold over 10,000 digital copies in the US.

Moreover, Jisoo’s entry into the Korean drama world with her debut show “Snowdrop” contributed to the group’s overall value. In fact, “Snowdrop” ‘s overwhelming response helped JTBC to record product sales of 77.4 billion won.

Each member of excellence at what they are good at while also contributing to BLACKPINK as group members. However, have you ever wondered about their individual wealth and how these four women earned their fortune?

In this post, we’ll look at the individual net worths of Lisa, Jennie, Rosé, and Jisoo. We’ll also look at who might be the richest BLACKPINK member among the four.

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Richest BLACKPINK members in 2023

Jennie (Jennie Kim)

Hawaii vlogHawaii vlog

Starting with the second most popular BLACKPINK member on the list, the Korean-born singer was raised in the affluent neighborhood of UN Village, located in Hannam-dong, Seoul.

She comes from a wealthy background; her father owns a hospital while her mother is a CJ & M Director and Shareholder.

Apart from being from a wealthy family, Jennie created her fortune after joining BLACKPINK. According to sources, Jennie’s net worth is around USD 10 million.

Jennie has endorsed many brands and has been involved in solo music careers. She has over 300 million Spotify streams on her SOLO project and amassed a 2.7 million monthly listening ratio.

Jennie is also known for endorsing Chanel since 2017 and has been spotted wearing the brand’s outfit on multiple occasions — giving her the nickname ‘Human Chanel.’

Estimated net worth of Jennie: USD 10 million

Lisa (Lalisa Manoban)


Born and raised as Pranpriya Manobal in Thailand, the 25-year-old rapper was discovered by YG Entertainment and was brought to Korea to debut with the group BLACKPINK.

Lisa is the only non-Korean member of the group. She had a comfortable upbringing and was the only child of her Thai mother, Chitthip Brüschweiler, and Swiff’s stepfather, Marco Brüschweiler.

Her father is a well-renowned chef in Thailand and serves multiple luxury hotels worldwide.

Lisa’s fortune came into existence after joining BLACKPINK. She soon moved up the ranks in the Kpop world and started working on her solo career.

According to sources, Lisa’s net with is around USD 14 million, and she is one of the most featured artists in international songs and musical projects.

She also endorsed luxury brands, such as Prada, Chivas, and CELINE, and has partnered with Samsung as a brand ambassador.

Estimated net worth of Lisa: USD 14 million

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Rosé (Roseanne Park)

ROSÉ - Don't Look Back In Anger (Oasis) Live Studio CoverROSÉ – Don’t Look Back In Anger (Oasis) Live Studio Cover

Born as Roseanne Park in Auckland, New Zealand, Rosé is the second-richest member of BLACKPINK.

She is the fastest Kpop act to surpass 200,000 digital pre-orders on QQ Music in 2021 and the first YG artist who promoted her solo project on the Mnet M Countdown.

According to CelebrityNetWorth, Rosé has a net worth of USD 18 million.

Like most members, Rosé released her 2020 solo album “R,” officially listed in two Guinness World Records categories.

The first being is for “On The Ground,” as she becomes the first Korean solo artist with “most YouTube views within 24 hours” for that time.

The second time was the first Korean artist to rank in the first place as a solo artist and as a group on Billboard’s Global 200 Chart.

Estimated net worth of Rosé: USD 18 million

Jisoo (Jisoo Kim)

Snowdrop | Now Streaming | Hindi | Jisoo | Jung Hae-In | DisneyPlus HotstarSnowdrop | Now Streaming | Hindi | Jisoo | Jung Hae-In | DisneyPlus Hotstar

The oldest member of the group is currently the wealthiest member. Jisoo is the richest BLACKPINK member as of 2022.

She is also the brand ambassador for multiple brands, including CELEBe, Nexon’s game MapleStory, and a member of the Panthère community by Cartier. 

According to South China Morning Post, Jisoo has a net worth of USD 20 million. She has extended coverage of multiple entertainment genres— songwriting, singing, Youtube, and acting.

Her latest role in “Snowdrop” has brought a new actress to the plate, and we can say that Jisoo’s fans would love to see her in more Korean dramas.

Estimated net worth of Jisoo: USD 20 million

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