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Top 6 LGBTQ Korean Drama Of All Time (July 2023)

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Top 6 LGBTQ Korean dramas of all time

There is no guessing that Asian countries, including South Korea, Singapore, and Japan, are conservative countries. LGBTQ relationships are a big no-no in some areas, and if we talk about South Korea, the communities disgrace the idea of tattoos, strippers, and LGBTQ relationships. But some producers took the initiative to represent the LGBTQ through the medium of Korean dramas. 

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The following shows contain relationships between two men and two women. It would be nice if you guys can read the following list with open hearts and give these series a shot. We have selected these drama series from various sources online and offline. 

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Be advised that the following content is exclusively made for 18+ audiences and includes humor, explicit words, and lots of love. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into the list of the top 6 LGBTQ Korean dramas of all time for gay and lesbian relationships. 

6 LGBTQ Korean dramas of all time (July 2023)

Reply 1997 (2013)

Reply 1997 - TrailerReply 1997 – Trailer

Reply 1997 is one of the coolest Korean dramas of 2021. The cast includes some of the big names in the industry. In the story, Kang Joon-hee (Lee Ho-dong) falls in love with a high school friend, and both characters try to figure out the feeling of a gay relationship. The story takes place in two timelines; the first deals with Kang Joon-hee falling in love with his school friend, and the second takes place on the day of their high school reunion. 

A Crimson Mark (2004)

A Crimson Mark (2004)A Crimson Mark (2004)

A Crimson Mark is another great South Korean drama that follows the story of two government employees of medieval Korea who falls in love with an unprecedented time and place. Both the lovers are high-rank and low-rank government employees, and due to their differences in ranks, they often quarrel and take opposite sides in the government body. The show is a bold take on the conservative nature of South Korea and proves that love needs no boundaries. 

Boy Meets Boy (2008)


Now we are entering some comedy drams from the second last decade. Boy Meets Boy, as the name suggests, is a 2008 gay-themed Korean movie that follows the story of Min-soo, who is a petite-looking boy. After his meeting with Seok-i, who is tall and handsome, Min-soo falls in love with his eyes and instantly falls for him. The latter part of the drama deals with what couples normally do in their day-to-day life. 

Desire (2002)

Kids, stay away from this one. Desire is a complicated piece in the LGBTQ Korean drama list. The show is popular among millennials and people who like dark, sad, and depressing kinds of shows. The story revolves around a married couple on the brink of breaking their marriage due to extramarital fear of the same man. Gyu Min, who is the husband of So Yeon, drifts from his current relationship with his wife and starts an affair with the male hooker Leo. So Yeon finds out about the affair and starts dating Leo, who is also her husband’s lover. This gay/partner-swapping South Korean drama is the absolute mad lad in this genre. 

Hello Dracula (2020)

Hello Dracula (2020) - TeaserHello Dracula (2020) – Teaser

Hello, Dracula is not entirely based on gay/lesbian relationships. Rather it talks about multiple stories of people living in Block Z. Girls’ Generation’s SeoHyun plays the role of a young lesbian woman who prays for acceptance by her conservative mom. The show has some beautiful moments, and the story is gripping enough to make any grown man cry. If you looking for some insides into the life of a young Korean lesbian, you should check out Hello Dracula. 

The Handmaiden (2016)

The Handmaiden Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Park Chan-wook MovieThe Handmaiden Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Park Chan-wook Movie

The Handmaiden is an epic tale of lust, love, and lesbian relationship. The movie is highly appreciated for its gripping story and cast. The Handmaiden is inspired by the 2002 novel Fingersmith by writer Sarah Waters. Directed by Park Chan-wook, The Handmaiden is a story about two women are fall in love in the most restricted area in Korea. After the Japanese evade South Korea, a young princess and her handmaiden make love behind everyone’s back. In the search for freedom, the lesbian couple plans their escape in this amazing LGBTQ movie of 2016. 

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So that ends our list of the top 6 LGBTQ Korean dramas of all time for gay and lesbian relationships. Tell us your favorite LGBTQ Korean drama of all time and why you liked it. You can comment in the comment box below or leave a message on our official Instagram account. 

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