Finding jobs at the age of 50 might sound outrageous! Some people might even argue that finding jobs at this age is ridiculous because nobody will hire someone who doesn’t have any previous experience in the corporate field. However, I can’t entirely agree with that belief. Just because a person couldn’t find a job at 50 doesn’t mean they should give up. I’ve closely witnessed men and women working at new careers at 55 and sometimes even at 60.

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Working provides food for your family, and it ensures healthcare too. Being a young gun in his 20s, I have faced my fair share of rejection in the professional world. From companies backing off from paying to working overtime without any extra pay, I’ve seen what organizations can do to get work out of you. In this article, I will be sharing 30+ career options and jobs for people in their 40s, 50s, or 60s. With that being said, here are some professions for 50-year-olds with no experience.


Uber jobs for 50 year old people

Uber is perhaps one of the biggest companies that provide cheap taxi services for people worldwide. It is available in over 85 countries, and continues to expand its services to people outside of these countries. People who can drive and crack a few jokes can apply for Uber in their countries. The process for selection depends upon your performance as a driver and how much you know about vehicles and customer service.

Job profile: Uber driver
Salary: $36,27- $34,125 PA
Requirements: driving license, valid auto insurance, 3+ years of driving experience
How to apply: Search for “Reimagine at Uber” on Google

Subject matter expert

Even if you don’t have experience teaching at an established college or school, some organizations will hire you based on your knowledge and skills as a teacher. Since school and colleagues are turning into online classes, your chances of getting hired will eventually increase. If you know math chemistry or the nuts and bolts of physics, you can contact online learning companies and apply as a Subject matter expert. Some companies even allow users to teach students via a chat method. Whether you’re a 21-year-old college student or a 55-year-old veteran, some people are willing to take tuition from you through online learning platforms.

Job profile: Subject matter expert
Salary: $94,791 PA or more depends upon the subject
Requirements: education certifications, knowledge about the subject, good with kids and questions solving
How to apply: Search for “Subject matter expert” on Google and reach out to companies on the first and second pages

Delivery guy/girl

Delivery guy jobs for 50 year olds people

Before applying for this job, please make sure you can handle the workload. The delivery guy/girl position requires long travel via car, bike, or sometimes on foot. Though the delivery guy/girl qualification is less, it is more tedious, and only healthy people should apply for this job. Coming to the job profile, as a delivery guy/girl, your job is to deliver the parcels to the correct addresses. You can work part-time or full time as a delivery person and earn a good amount of money without having experience as a 50-year-old.

Job profile: Delivery man/women
Salary: $17.21/hourly or more depending upon the company
Requirements: physically fit, driving license, dependable and friendly nature
How to apply: Search for “eCommerce delivery jobs near me” on Google and follow the on-screen instructions to apply

Tour guide

Tour guide jobs for 50 year old

Guide or tour guide is one of the most popular jobs among people who like to talk with and share their experiences with others. Countries like India, Japan, Russia, and China have individuals who take people on guided tours and explain the ins and outs of the region. If you are from the USA and or the UK, you can help people take tours of your country by being their guide. International travelers pay well, and the occasional tip adds more money to your pocket. If you have no experience in the corporate world but can help people in their travels, then local tour guides are the best job for you.

Job profile: Local tour guide
Salary: $23,000 – $50,000 depending upon tours and collective
Requirements: physically fit, friendly nature, and local travel knowledge
How to apply: Personal connection, word of mouth, or job portals

Dog walker

Dog walker for 50 year old people

A Dogwalker is perhaps the best job for people who like animals. Though everyone likes animals, a good walker has to go the extra mile for expensive pets. From cleaning them to making them happy, a god walker has many responsibilities to help these fur-friends enjoy their day-to-day lives. People who are not familiar with these jobs need not worry because the scope for dog walkers is enormous, and it doesn’t require any professional experience or degrees. If you are preparing to apply for dog walker jobs, start by getting yourself a dog first and understand if you can take care of them. If you’re comfortable around your dog, then you can easily pick up this job and earn a side income without any experience.

Job profile: Local dog walkers
Salary: $29,921 – $43,000
Requirements: Knowledge about dogs,
How to apply: Personal connection, word of mouth, or job portals

Freelance content writer

Freelance content writer jobs for 50 year olds

Freelance content writing is something that we all are familiar with. This professional has helped people scale hundreds of dollars into millions. Anyone who has a knack for writing can start freelancing on Fiverr, Freelancer and more. As you already know, this professional does not require any prior experience, just a good writer who knows the ins and outs of content. I have seen people quit their jobs and turn to full-time freelancers without knowing much about it. So even if you’re above 50 and that too without any experience, you cannot go wrong with freelancing.

Job profile: Freelance content writer
Salary: Based on client and your per word rate
Requirements: Exceptional writing skills, eye for detail, and knowledge about SEO
How to apply: Head over to Fiverr or other freelancing platforms to start your journey.

Life coach

Life coach jobs for 50 year olds

Everybody needs someone to uplift their life when everything is going down. A life coach job is to give care to emotionally broken people. This job requires you to look after your client’s needs and help them fix their life. Being a life coach doesn’t require any prior experience, and anyone without any college degree can apply for this job. Being a life coach requires a firm understanding of human emotions and helping out people in distress. The demand for life coaches in Arizona, Florida, Texas, and California is always high!

Job profile: Life coach
Salary: $34,380 to $96,090
Requirements: Knowledge about counseling, background in psychology, and certification from an accredited center.
How to apply: Go to your local job portal such as and search for “Life Coach”

Jobs For 50-year-old women without experience

I know this list is now enough because there are thousands of career options you can choose from. However, each career requires you to learn new things, and these professions are divided for men and women by work ethics. In this following list, I have tried to list down jobs for women over 50.

Jobs for women over 50

  • Financial Advisor
  • Nurse
  • Therapist
  • Personal Trainer
  • Tutor
  • Personal Chef
  • Social worker
  • Real estate agent
  • Florist
  • Teacher
  • Innkeeper
  • Freelance writer

Jobs For 50-year-old men without experience

When times get hard, you have to go beyond the ordinary. If your typical jobs are not working out and you need a secondary income, then here are some jobs for you. Please note these jobs do not promise overnight success, and you’ll need to work harder if you want to make a better living. For men in their early 50s, here are some jobs you can do without any prior experience.

Jobs for men over 50

  • Taxi driver
  • Sales
  • Factory worker
  • Real estate agent
  • Motor Vehicle Operators
  • Engineers
  • Artists
  • Plumber
  • Fieldwork
  • Carpenter
  • Forest worker
  • Security guard
  • Bodyguard

To sum up

Earning money is the biggest problem of the modern world. Though people make money by doing some simple tasks on the internet, some people who are not technically savvy need better career options. For people over the age of 50, your career options are still fresh, and you can make it if you keep pushing towards the end.

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