Buying a refurbished MacBook doesn’t come cheap. Not only are you paying an amount for a premium product, but you’ve to pay for repairs as well. I mean, c’mon, a refurbished MacBook Pro doesn’t come cheap, and in case you find a fault, you have to pay some extra. In some extreme cases, your refurbished apple laptops might go dead after a few days. So what’s the solution? Should we drop the idea of purchasing a refurbished MacBook Air or a refurbished MacBook Pro 16? Let’s find out!

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Refurbished MacBook Pro or other Apple Mac refurbished products might add value to your money. Whenever you’re purchasing a refurbished MacBook, you need to know a few things before making the deal. A clever way to do this is by following some inspection protocols. This article will share some of the tips and tricks you should use before searching for your next MacBook Air M1 refurbished. These Macbook tips will save you money, and you can purchase your dream apple laptop without any problems. 

Why should you purchase a refurbished MacBook Pro?

The answer to this question is pretty straightforward. A 13-inch MacBook Pro w/ M1 chip starts at $1,299, and it goes up to $1,499 for the 512GB variant. These machines are expensive, and even if you have the money to buy them, wouldn’t it be nice to save some cash by purchasing a refurbished MacBook Air 2020. A refurbished Apple MacBook Air 13.3″ (512GB SSD, Intel Core i5 10th Gen, 8GB) comes at only $489.87 on eBay, and if you’re lucky, there will be cheaper deals available on the platform. 

Similarly, there are other refurbished apple laptops available at lower prices. You can easily purchase these laptops by doing a quick inspection. Even if you’re not so tech-savvy, the following tips will help you buy a refurbished MacBook at discount prices, and you can rest assured because you will know what to check and how to check before making the purchase. 

Are refurbished MacBooks any good?

The misconception around refurbished products is taking a toll on your pocket. You’re not only missing out on a great deal, but you’re neglecting the experience of purchasing refurbished apple laptops. Though there are scammers everywhere globally, the MacBook scammers are the worst. They not only take your hard-earned money but also make your experience terrible. But some sellers offer genuine products. Most of these sellers sell refurbished MacBook Air, refurbished MacBook Pro, and other MacBook models at a lower price. These laptops are hardly used and work just like new ones. I’ve purchased my fair share of laptops from the refurbished markets, and I had a great experience. However, there are some protocols you have to follow to get the right computer at the right price. 

7 tips for buying refurbished MacBooks from refurbished apple laptops markets

Now coming to the tips and tricks on this article, we have collected 7 tips that will guide you in purchasing your next refurbished MacBook Air M1. Please follow these tips carefully and scrutinize each part of the laptop before buying. 

Buy refurbished MacBook with warranty 

Some individuals on the market are willing to sell their products for cheap. There can be an array of reasons why they are selling their refurbished MacBook Pro for cheap, including moving out of the country, upgrading to a better laptop or simply getting rid of it. Most of these refurbished MacBooks are in warranty, and you can check them by going to this website

Original accessories

Though not extremely important, you should ask for the original charger and other accessories. This will help your refurbished MacBook Air last longer, and you can go on with your daily work without any problems. You can also confirm that the user has carefully used the product and maintained it well by asking for original accessories. So basically, you’re getting a new Apple Macbook Pro at a low price. 

Return policies

You should always confirm the return policies for any laptop, including high-end Windows machines or the latest MacBook Air M1 refurbished. Sometimes, a deal might captivate you into thinking that you’re spending a lot less for a premium machine. However, you have to be careful of these offers and even if you find an excellent refurbished MacBook Pro deal, always confirm the return policies to avoid any financial fraud. 

Test the product personally

If you find a local dealer in your area, the first thing to do is test the laptop before handing over the money. The best method for testing Macbooks is using the Apple Diagnostics tool. According to the laptop version you have, there are two methods for using the Apple Diagnostics tool. Here is a quick tutorial you can use to test refurbished apple laptops or macs.

Apple silicon

  • Press the power button as your computer starts up.
  • Release the button if you see the startup window.
  • Finally, press the key combination Command (⌘)-D on your computer.

Intel processor

  • Power on your computer, and press and hold the D key.
  • Release the button when you see the progress bar. 
  • If you see the “choose a language” option, release the button.

Check the battery

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of purchasing refurbished Apple laptops is the battery. If you’re not checking the battery, you’re at fault because the user might not have used the computer for a longer period. This slowly deteriorates the battery capacity, and when you purchase this refurbished MacBook Air 2020, you will end up with a dead-end because it will switch off/on every few minutes and go down as a wrong purchase. To avoid this disaster, go to the ‘System Information’ option > check the current cycle count under the ‘Battery Information’ section > find the battery health condition and percentage. 

Don’t purchase anything past 4 years

Purchasing a used MacBook for $500 or above that has passed the warranty period doesn’t make any sense. For starters, an old laptop might not work well compared to newer models. Similarly, to purchase your next refurbished Mac, you have to ensure your computer is not old and rusty. One of the few ways to check the date of the refurbished MacBook is by checking out the bill or through the serial number on Apple Support Communities. 

Refurbished or used

The most confusing thing about refurbished products is if they are actually refurbished or just used. To make things simpler for you, a refurbished product is one with some minor defects, but the (seller) company fixes it and makes it workable again. On the other hand, a used product has been operated before, and the seller is selling it for various reasons. I like used products over refurbished ones because I can personally check what has been changed in the laptop and inquire about any part replacement. As per my personal experience, I would prefer individual sellers instead of refurbished companies. 

Should you purchase a refurbished laptop? FAQs

Is getting a refurbished Mac worth it?

If you’re purchasing a refurbished Mac from Apple itself, it is definitely worth it. However, if you’re going for third-party vendors, there are some things you need to check before you purchase your new refurbished MacBook Pro 2020.

Is a refurbished Macbook OK?

As long as you know where you are putting your foot into, you’ll be good to go. However, make sure you’re purchasing your Macbook from a certified Apple Refurbisher. If you’re unsure if you know the product, please refrain from purchasing. 

How do I know if my Mac is refurbished?

The first thing to check if your Mac is refurbished is the purchase date. You can visit the Apple Help Center to see the actual date of purchase and to whom it originally belonged. Alternatively, you can visit the Apple Service Center to verify if your new Macbook is refurbished or just used. 

Where should I buy a refurbished MacBook?

There are various options and places where you can purchase a refurbished Macbook, including Apple Certified Refurbished, Mac of All Trades, OWC, Amazon Renewed, eBay, Local sellers in your area, and Friends or family members

What is the difference between renewed and refurbished?

Renewed means an old, used product is checked for problems, and the faulty parts are replaced with brand new ones. On the other hand, refurbished means the defective parts could be replaced or repaired to work like a new one.


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