JYP Entertainment 2022 auditions are here. These auditions are crucial if you’re an upcoming Kpop superstar or want to debut in the Idol industry. All the Kpop bands you see today, including BTS, BLACKPINK, Stray Kids, and more, auditioned to join the groups. So if you’re going to be the next Lisa, V, RM, or Rose of Kpop, here is everything you need to know about JYP auditions (online and offline). 

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Before moving forward with the application procedure, let’s go back to 1997. After all, you should know the history behind the label before proceeding with the application. JYP Entertainment was founded back in 1997 by Park Jin-young (JY Park). In the initial stage, the company was known as ae-Hong Planning Corporation and was rebranded as YP Entertainment in 2001.

JYP Entertainment auditions 2022: where is the next JYP Entertainment audition?

JYP Entertainment is probably one of the biggest names in the Korean Entertainment industry. Though it started its early work with artists like Pearl, Groove OverDose, Rain, and Noel, the label started its online audition with the commercialization of the Internet. Today, anyone who holds the perfect talent can audition for the next group by going over to the website. Visit this link to check out the following audition dates for the online rounds.  

At the time of writing this article, JYP Entertainment is running the Challenge now! Campaign for national and international participants. In the later part of the post, I will try to explain the onboarding process and the requirements for the registration. 

JYP Entertainment auditions 2022: requirements for Kpop audition in JYP Entertainment!

The company changes the requirement as per the campaign, For the Challenge now! The campaign, these are the requirements you have to follow to participate in the online K-pop auditions. 

  • Age slab- below 14 years/ above 14 years/ Non-Korean.
  • Audition categories – acting/vocal/dance and rap.
  • Audition format – online.
  • High-quality images for acting(up to 3 images), audio files for singing (only MP3 files under 60MB), and video audition files (only MP4, MOV, and AVI less than 50MB and under 10 minutes).
  • A short self-introduction about yourself showcasing your talents and skill as the next JYP Entertainment trainee.

JYP Entertainment auditions 2022: audition dates

The website runs 24/7 and offers online auditions services all the time. It means you can apply for auditions any time of the year. Below is a quick breakdown to find the JYP Entertainment auditions dates. 

  • Firstly, head over to JYP Entertainment and look for the audition tape. 
  • Enter the required details and complete the form submission.  
  • Now, the company will provide the audition dates and timing (if selected)
  • You can audition online and offline (better go with offline if possible)

JYP Entertainment auditions 2022: how to audition to become a Kpop idol?

Below is a list of things you’d need to do to audition for JYP Entertainment. Though the auditions are being held offline/online, Korean participants might have to visit the JYP center. The overseas participants can apply online only. 

  • The auditions will begin after 31 days of form submission. 
  • Attach three pictures of yourself (left and right side half body pictures and front complete body picture)
  • After that, attach at least one video or audio file (less than 50MB)
  • Attach a video of yourself performing to any song under 1 minute (minimum) and 10 minutes (maximum)
  • Do not use any photo filters, excessively edited videos or heavy makeup in your video.
  • For vocal auditions, you can sing any song (K-pop or non-K-pop)
  • Please make sure you’ve submitted a self-choreographed dance for the dance category, or add “cover” if you’re covering a song. 
  • As for the rap auditions, please write your original lyrics with a sense of rhythm. 
  • Participants applying for acting can recreate any scene from Korean movies or other popular movies.
  • Lastly, models should audition by walking and posing with online/offline auditions.

JYP Entertainment auditions 2022: procedure of auditions for JYP Entertainment

Like any other talent management company, the auditions for JYP Entertainment are divided into different rounds. Below is a brief intro about the audition procedure for JYP entertainment.

  • Participants have to go through the zoom 1:1 round in the next round. The first round will be held online, and if selected, participants will move forward to the next round. 
  • If you can pass the first two rounds, the final round will be held in Korea.
  • So make sure you have your passport ready before applying to the JYP Entertainment auditions.

JYP Entertainment auditions 2022: FAQs

What does JYP Entertainment look for in auditions?

According to Park Jin Young, the company looks for qualities and talent. If you’re a men or woman who can sing, dance, rap, and do everything wholeheartedly, JYP Entertainment will help you nurture your talent in the Kpop industry.

What is the last date of the JYP audition 2022?

As stated above, the auditions for the JYP audition are being held 24/7, and you can apply as many times as you want. To apply for the current audition, visit the JYP Entertainment audition portal right now.

Does JYP Entertainment accept Indians?

As long as you have the talent, nobody can stop you from claiming your dream. There are some Indian Kpop Idols in Korea, and you can become one of them by applying for these auditions.

How do you know if you passed the JYP audition?

Once you’ve submitted your applications, the company will email that they have evaluated your application form. If the company sends you another email, you have passed the 1st round.

What is the age limit for the JYP audition?

The company claims that there is no age limit to audition. The audition page allows participants below the age of 14 to partake in the auditions.

Can an Indian girl join K-pop?

Yes, as long as you can sing, dance, speak a little bit of Korea and know the do’s and don’ts of K-pop, you can 100% join the K-pop industry. Try to audition for as many music labels as possible to start your K-Pop journey.

Can Filipino audition in K-pop?

Yes, Filipino citizens can join the K-pop industry by auditioning as Idol. If you don’t want to be a K-pop Idol, you can also audition for acting, singing, modeling, or dancing.

Do Kpop companies accept Indians?

Yes, some companies accept Indian citizens. There are a handful of Indian people working as K-Pop Idols in Korea. The industry allows young talent to grow, and you can always find better opportunities online.

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