Sword Art Online: Progressive movie trailer

Sword Art Online: Progressive The Movie New Trailer, Release Date, and Plot

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Sword Art Online is coming back to your mobile screen but not with the new season. After Sword Art Online: Alicization, the SAO fandom left with nothing but Asuna’s body pillows. But Ayaka Kawano came back from the dead as the dead man alive and announced a new SAO movie. Here is everything you need to know about the new Sword Art Online: Progressive movie trailer, review, plot, release date, and more.

Sword Art Online: Progressive Trailer 


On November 8, AnimeUS dropped the new trailer for the new SAO movie. As a fellow SAO fan, I remembered the Aria of a Starless Night arc, which existed in the original light novel. Though the anime adaption had some shots of Aria of a Starless Night arc,it never presented the perspective of Asuna in the movie.

Here is a breakdown of the Sword Art Online: Progressive movie Trailer

The trailer starts with Asuna joining the game for the first time and she realizes the power and details of the Full-Dive Virtual Reality gaming technology. The trailer then moves on to the initial part of the SAO story where 10,000 players get whopped in the game only to find out they cannot logout from the game.

The only difference this time is the story, which is described from Asun’s perspective. At a few seconds mark, we can also see the Steel Castle In the Sky where Asuna and Kirito makes a pact to win the game. Furthermore, we can see Asuna in her regular clothes, which indicates that the movie will be centered around Asuna and her life before and after SAO. 

Sword Art Online: Progressive release date

Sword Art Online Progressive movie review
Credit – Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online Progressive The Movie: Aria of a Starless Night will soon release in 2021. The movie will premiere in Japan in the summer of 2021 most probably in February-march but we cannot confirm the release date because it’s always better to stick to the source and wait for the official release date by the SAO team. 

Sword Art Online: Progressive Plot

Sword Art Online Progressive movie plot

Sword Art Online: Progressive movie will follow the original Sword Art Online story from the Aincrad arc, which is the starting point of Sword Art Online season 1. The story will focus on Asuna’s struggle and her perspective of the game and how she overcame everything including fighting monsters, marrying Kirito, and exploring the next-gen games. 

In the earlier installment of the anime, Kirito was the main protagonist, and he was the central character throughout the series including Sword Art Online S1, S2, Alicization, and one movie. 

This would be the first time that Asuna will be highlighted as the heroine of the story so fans can expect less screentime of lord Kirito and more of Asuna and her side of the story. 

Sword Art Online: Progressive Cast And Crew

Sword art online new movie 2021

As in any SAO project, A-1 Pictures will be in charge of animation. The eminent director who directed Your Lie in April and Ace Attorney will be directing the new Sword Art Online: Progressive movie. Kento Toya will be partaking in the character designing while Yuji Kajiura will be the music producer for the film. Haruka Tomatsu returns as the official voice of Asuna and will voice Kirito.

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