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Boruto Chapter 53: Naruto and Isshiki’s Battle to the death

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Things are going bad for Naruto in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Especially chapter 53, where Isshiki has almost killed Naruto, Boruto, and Sasuke. Additionally, the famous Naruto’s death allegations will be revealed in the upcoming chapters as well.

Naruto won against many odds and he always comes out victorious. Thanks to Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto always reigns with some kind of hidden powers and software updates. Since Masashi Kishimoto has officially taken over the writing in the Boruto manga, things are going sloppy for our veteran hero Naruto.

Before talking about Naruto’s death or Isshiki victory, let’s talk about the power levels of Naruto and Isshiki.

Naruto vs Isshiki: Difference in powers

Naruto is a human being, though, on the flip side, Masashi Kishimoto made him immortal in the Naruto series. And Isshiki, the antagonist of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a celestial being and doesn’t have any human anthology or feelings.

So you see, he is basically a god or an alien. Not that I care because I always root for Naruto but chapter 52, just proved to us that there are people, gods, celestial beings who are way more powerful than Naruto, and one-day things might go the wrong way and the upcoming chapter in the Boruto manga will make us regret reading Boruto.

Boruto Chapter 52 : Naruto’s death due to Baryon Mode

In chapter 52, Naruto transforms into the Baryon Mode, which is a new form of energy, made entirely from two different creatures. In this new form, both Karuma and Naruto uses their chakra to create power so immense that it can destroy villages and everything that stands in their way. Karuma revealed to Naruto that this power is not something they can use on a day-to-day basis as the more they use this power to enhance strength, speed, attack, and endurance, the more their life expectancy decreases.

In the middle of chapter 52, we can see Naruto is on equal par with Isshiki and if we look at Sasuke’s words, Naruto is basically beating Isshiki in terms of strength, power, and endurance. But this newly found power comes at a cost. Cost of being dead in a few minutes!

Naruto death in Boruto

You see Karuma revealed this suicide-style power and how it can kill both of them and since Naruto’s body is consuming a lot of chakras, the living beings surrounding him also get their life expectancy decreased. Meaning, as long as Isshiki fights with Naruto, he will have his expectancy decreased and both of them might die before reaching a conclusion.

It is basically a kamikaze attack, where Naruto is destined to die, while Isshiki’s death depends on how close Naruto can get to Isshiki to decrease his life expectancy as well.

Towards, the end of chapter 52, Isshiki’s life expectancy drops to 10 minutes. We don’t know how and when Naruto will die or if he will be able to take on Isshiki but we are sure that Boruto will become interesting after Naruto’s death and we can expect a better Boruto series with Boruto being the top-dog again.

As for Naruto, maybe this is the time to say goodbye but who knows, Naruto might make a comeback somehow or Sasuke intervenes in the fight.

Boruto chapter 53

My best guess is that Naruto might die in the upcoming chapter and Boruto will start taking life seriously and he will gain enough power to avenge his father’s death while nine-tails transfers to Boruto as a parting gift from his father.



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