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Upcoming Bollywood movies that are going to flop in 2021
Upcoming Bollywood movies of 2021

10 Upcoming Bollywood Movie Flops of 2021

Upcoming Bollywood movies of 2021 that are bound to fail

After a turn of events, Bollywood has turned into a circus and nobody is putting forth their best foot as the Indian audience is retaliating whatever Bollywood has produced in the last 12 months. Mr. Akshay Kumar is trying his best to revive the industry with movies like Lakshmi Bomb. But there is no way the Indian audience will give the biggest movie industry another chance.

While the OTT platforms have taken over as the new form of entertainment, actors are doing small roles in web series. Since advertisement never went down, actors are earning well even though there has been no work in the industry for newcomers as well as the veteran actors. 

But their main source of income has stopped but some actors are trying to push their boundaries and working on new films against all odds.

Here are some upcoming Bollywood movies that’ll fail to impress the new woke audience of the Indian subcontinent.

Bachchan Pandey 

Akshay  Kumar should have guessed right now that there is no way that a movie can win the hearts of people just people by casting a popular actor. Directed by Farhad Samji, Bachchan Pandey is going to be your below-average movie where Khiladi Kumar will try to make you laugh with this 90s sense of humor.

Haathi Mere Saathi

I am skeptical about this film as south Indian movies are highly unpredictable. But considering the fact that they are using the same concept from the 1971 movie Hathi Mere Sathi and mixing it with modern cinema, the movie will be a rip-off of the 1971 movie Hathi Mere Sathi and the 2005 Thai martial arts movie Tom-Yum-Goong. 

Bell Bottom

He is back but the movie is highly suspicious as Mr. Khiladi can turn any good movie into bad and any bad script into a good movie. I cannot comment on the movie right now but considering the negative reviews of the Lakshmi bomb, Bell Bottom might not survive the critiques. BTW, Akshay Kumar is playing the role of a RAW agent, making it another RAW agent movie under the name of Akshay Kumar.

Bhoot Police

Do i even need to include this movie? Saif Ali Khan playing the character of the father, how bad you think this movie can be? One thing i liked in the trailer was the end of it. Oh, i smell some father-son bonding and the only god knows how long Bollywood is going to keep up this genre. Let it die! Please? 

Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui 

I really hate putting this movie on this list but just look at what they did to my boy. Bollywood made him a normie. Instead of trying out different genres and exploring his interest in acting, Ayushmann Khurrana is doing the same role again and again. A typical Delhi, Punjabi boy! who is smart, handsome, lives in a middle-class house, and all of the normie stuff. You guys understand what I am saying right?


After the big reveal of the drug mafia in Bollywood, several stars including Ranveer Singh are not doing something great in the industry. The last time I looked up Ranveer Singh, I lost 20 million brain cells. Now the over-energetic boy is coming up with a Rohit Shetty’s film and fans are excited to never watch his again in the theatres. Sorry, Gully boy, I guess that’s how we part!

Ek Villain 2

Who asked for another Ek villain movie? I want to meet you personally! Anyway, the reason for this early failure of this film is the cast. John Abraham, Disha patani, Aditya Roy Kapoor, and Tara Sutaria are the main characters of the movie, and as we all know how good of an actor these talented individuals are! the movie will not survive the critiques this time. If any of the directors are reading this blog, please make the trailer captivating, otherwise, no one is going into the theatres to see another John Abraham film. 

Go Goa Gone 2

One thing Bollywood does best is butchering the original movies. See, the original Go Goa Gone was fine. The actors, sarcastic comedy, and the zombies were the total package of how a movie should be but using the same formula again? Again? I think it’s time to realize that the Indian audience will not sit in the theatres and watch whatever you guys produce. 

Heropanti 2

Please! I am begging you. Stop copying known movie posters, actions, and plots. Heropanti 2? Like seriously? No doubt, Heropanti was great a film, and everyone liked it. But after Baghi 3, directors should refrain from giving superhuman powers to Tiger Shroff. It’s not cool and looks childish. Here is advice from the audience, Tiger Shroff has a strong build, try to make some boxing movie with him, I swear I will watch it!

Kick 2

Ummmmmm lets not talk about Kick as I have never seen a cringy and highly overrated movie in my life. With the unrealistic action and bhai’s godly power, which can even force Jesus to start bench press, nobody likes this stuff anymore. But it’s Bhai we are talking about. The movie can go both ways but considering the tight atmosphere even around Bollywood, even Bhai can not revive what has been lost. 


The Upcoming Bollywood movies don’t have much to provide. As our parting words, I would like to say, Bollywood is suffering from a financial crisis right now and in this battle of entertainment, only the creative shall win. I am putting all my chips on the upcoming web series that might revive Bollywood and it can again stand on its feet. But like i said, only the creative shall win.

I am looking forward to what movies we can expect from Bollywood after it failed to provide the content that will make us believe in them again. So that’s all folks.

Upcoming Bollywood movies of 2021 that are bound to fail

Comment down your favorite upcoming 2021 movies in the comment section. If you like, you can explore my blog and find some interesting pop culture content that you might find interesting. 

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