Anime is also known as Japanese cartoons, but just because we called it a cartoon, Does it mean it’s a kid-friendly show to watch? Or certain criteria need to be remembered before introducing your child to anime. 

So here we are with a new article that will help you take precautions before watching any anime with your kids.

Should children watch anime?

Anime is not a typical cartoon

Yes, it’s a Japanese cartoon, as said, but in reality, it’s a Japanese animation show meant for adults to watch. So before starting any series, remember this!

Watch the anime before your kids

If you are starting to watch a series with your kids or your kid wants to watch any anime, don’t let them watch it before you do! Watch it and see whether the content presented in the series is appropriate for your kids.

Be aware of fan-service while watching anime with your kids

This is why you can’t watch the most popular series with your kids. Most popular anime provides fanservice for their fans, even though the story doesn’t need it.

Try to pick only kid-friendly anime

The anime world is huge and varied; there are plenty of options. But certain sections are dedicated to kid-friendly anime to watch with your younger ones. 

So, go for it and enjoy it with your kids! Avoid anime with tragic death scenes.

Anime is mainly based on a dark theme

Popular anime, which are well-known and all-time favorites, are remembered for their thriller and psychological suspense genres. Because of this, people stick to it and watch till the end! 

But this is not good for the younger ones, as these things can affect them mentally and create a bad environment for the kids.

Always check the age rating first

Like before, picking only kid-friendly anime is, of course, a must, and second, comes checking the age rating given on the site for series like you usually do for other shows and movies you watch with your kids.

Most of the time, anime posture can trick you with the cute illustrations of its characters, but anime says otherwise. You need to check whether the genre is suitable for a kid or whether there is an age restriction for the show.

For example, I’ll tell you about an anime you can never recognize by seeing it on the side because it is not for kids, but trust me; it is not! The anime Is called “Magical Girl Madoka.” Well, it sounds like some magical girl shows for kids, but it is not! 

(I have watched it, so I know.) It starts with a basic plot but goes way beyond dark by the second episode itself. It shows the true meaning of depression and life and makes delusion in sorrow possible. So before starting any series, remember to check its age ratings.

Always remember to check for reviews

Reviews are always helpful as you get to know things, mainly whether the series is worth watching or not! Before watching any show, most people check its review to see if it’s worth their time, so why not do the same for your kids?

Check for the review of the anime before displaying it to your kids!

Not every anime is inappropriate for kids

Like the heading says, even though few anime have mature content like love and romance, that doesn’t make them inappropriate for kids. Well, if I think about it, movies like “Your Name” are typically romantic movies, but you can watch them with your kids.

It has many aspects because it’s not totally based on romance but a good mixture of cultural heritage and high graphics in one show. You can always opt for series like this that are not too mature or have brutal content, which will please your eyes and relax your mind during the weekend.

Sum Up

Well, my thoughts on this topic are simple: not every anime is good or bad; it’s just a matter of how you choose it; it depends on that. 

I can understand why kids at a very young age can’t find many scenes in anime pleasing. Therefore, it’s up to their parents to take precautions. But don’t let them ignore the good things in anime; let them watch some good shows that are worth remembering!

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