The question should I continue watching anime after getting a job or become an adult is an old one. Many people go through the phase of being a teen and suddenly stepping into adulthood.

You might have to sacrifice your likes, entertainment, friendships and hangouts. But is it important to stop with anime after getting a job?

To understand this phase better we’ll see how human life is designed.

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Human life consists of 5 phases (newborn baby, child, teenage, adult and old age)

We usually start with anime in the second stage – Child.

A child watches whatever cartoons or animation he/she can get hands-on. This includes TV programs, TV cartoons and DVD’s and CD’s our parents brings for us.

This is the initial state where we truly feel Anime is different from others. The animation style, colors, voices and stories captivate us to watch more.

Moving a few years we step into teenage. Here we select our favourite shows and continue watching them on day-to-day bases.

When I was a teen my favourite animé/cartoons were Beyblade, Doraemon, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach and more.

When I grew into an adult I started deep diving into other shows – Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul, Persona, Highschool of the dead, Monsters, Lain and the list goes on.

I was 22 when I realised Anime is something that connects me. It is something I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life. I cherish this form of entertainment and keep it with me forever and ever.

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What happens when you start working

Life changes when you get a job. Your attire, your eating habits, your friends and your likes change.

You suddenly realise you are not a boy anymore. But a man and you have a family to feed. You automatically start spending more time in the office than anywhere else.

You lose contact with friends. But somewhere along with those lives, you’ll lose the time and freedom.

You can’t watch anime like you used to do. No matter how hard you try but you couldn’t just make time for watching anime.

Most of us on a daily bases do a 9-5 hour job and we use the last hours to sleep, eat, relax and do our daily errand.

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Life changes when you step into adulthood

So the answer to the question should I continue watching anime after getting a job is – NO

You should not stop watching anime or doing things after getting a job.

You must continue the love and passion for anime just like any other hobbies. This includes buying anime products, reading manga on-the-go with digital manga, watching anime in breaks or while eating supper.

If you are passionate about anime and you got a job, Don’t Stop! Keep following your passion. You can watch anime in your free time or on Sundays because If you truly love something you’ll find a way to find it.

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