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Top 10 erotica anime that you must watch to experience realism

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Erotica – what it sounds or seems is entirely different than what it actually is. By erotica, do you mean the sexual scenes in the anime or the visual pleasures? It’s more than that…

Through erotica in anime, you can see how a woman is sometimes sexualized or, in fact, depicted wrongly or even shown to be doing immoral things in exchange for themselves.

In cases of men, however, if sexualized, then looks more masculine, but in other cases, we find specific issues too. Check out the following lists of anime through which you can experience reality.

Top 10 must-watch erotica anime


Kanokon PV (Trailer)Kanokon PV (Trailer)

This is an anime, action, romance, comedy, and drama based on the light novels written by Katsumi Nishino.

It began on 5 April 2008.
The anime series is about a country boy, Kouta, and his experience in the new world at the city high school.

He especially experiences aggressive sexual advances from a bombshell fox spirit and a frosty wolf spirit girls named Chizuru and Nozomu. However, after having such experiences, he faces new supernatural problems.

This anime will indeed be made you think about the oversexualized female characters and their actions. Isn’t Kouta’s instinctual desire lead him to a chaotic life?

Queen’s Blade

Queen's Blade Rebel Warrior Collection Official TrailerQueen’s Blade Rebel Warrior Collection Official Trailer

The action-fiction comic fantasy drama started on 2 April 2009 and lasted until 10 December 2009. It is a three seasons drama.

This series shows the struggles and conflicts amongst the characters to be the Queen.

The contest is dark in nature as in it; anyone can kill another character with any weapon.

In fact, voluptuous characters are also seen to be flaunting their bodies and engaging in semi-naked fights. The participants just have to be older than 12 years.

Here the usage of body parts for achieving ambitious deeds can be shown by inducing one to think about the morality lacking in the show.

Scum’s Wish

Scum's Wish Official Dub TrailerScum’s Wish Official Dub Trailer

This erotic romance drama is a 12 episodes series.

Scum’s Wish revolves around the characters Hanabi and Mugi and their ideal love.

Delving deep into their love life, it’s visible that both the characters are in love with other characters and are pretending to be a perfect couple as a contract.

There are few oversexualized characters here, yet the deuteragonists’ lovemaking makes this one of the most erotic series ever.

Golden Boy

Golden Boy TrailerGolden Boy Trailer

The sex comedy show continued for a year. It is a story about Kintaro Oe, who was once a brilliant law student at Tokyo University.

He now leads a simple life working as a part-time worker.

Though he tries his best to keep himself away from girls, it is his weakness to lust for beautiful women.

Kintaro’s lust brings out the erotica in the series for women.

Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory

Mother of the Goddess Dormitory Official Trailer/PVMother of the Goddess Dormitory Official Trailer/PV

The rom-com anime revolves around a twelve years old boy Nagumo Koushi and his loss on his birthday.

He has no home to live in and no money to eat. In the city, he meets a girl named Minerva, who offers to stay in a women’s hostel, where he finds hot girls around him. Even those girls do not have qualms about being naked in front of him.

Though there are no such explicit sex scenes, this series shows how a boy gets into a new situation and how he will do in the next.

The Future Diary

Future Diary TrailerFuture Diary Trailer

Yukiteru Amano is about whom The Future Diary writes. He is a 14 years old boy spending time recording events in his virtual diary.

He has some friends, but they are actually imaginary.

However, the events turn out to be horrific from when the diary starts to record the events that are going to take place. The diary even shows his death; therefore, now this becomes a game of survival for Yukiteru.

He has no real friend to protect him, too, except later, we find Yuno Gasai, his classmate who is a Future Diary holder, determined to protect him.

In this series, there are a lot of scenes where fully nude scenes are also shown, thereby making the already fantastic series a realistic one.

Cat Planet Cuties

Cat Planet Cuties TrailerCat Planet Cuties Trailer

Cat Planet Cuties shows the boring life of a young boy, Kio Kakazu, whose life later changes with the arrival of Eris (a voluptuous girl with cat ears). Kio likes Eris; in fact, he sees her in a naked position, while the latter even does not have any qualms.

However, later only we know that she is from another planet and came here to study life on earth.

This erotica indeed can seem pessimistic as Eris without knowing the rules and social norms of the earth.

Thus she remained naked in front of anyone.

In contrast, the earthings knowing the truth, continue to satisfy their desire by having the visual pleasure of her naked body.

However, after watching the series, the doubt may get optimistic.


Shin Koihimei Musou Eps. 1 (trailer)Shin Koihimei Musou Eps. 1 (trailer)

This show is not much erotic but timid. The show is about an orphan, Unchou Kan’u, fighting for the powerless and too much of marginalized section.

One day she meets Chouhi Yokutoku, a girl with a similar background. Realizing Yokutoku’s aim in life, which is identical to hers, they together join hands and struggle to erase injustice.

Yes indeed. It seems to be a women-centric film. And not only just that, check the series and experience many more things from it.

Green Green

green green trailergreen green trailer

This is a rom-com of 2003 in which students from two single-sex schools have permission to stay together.

Gradually months passed, and the students developed sexual feelings.

Though you will not get any explicit scenes but can see experience the other themes in it.


Tsugumomo - TrailerTsugumomo – Trailer

This show is fantasy ecchi anime inspired by Yoshikazu Hamada’s manga series. In it, we have Kazuya Kagami attacked by supernatural beings and rescued by a mature spirit named Kiriha.

He is then taken to a magical world of gods and good spirits. He then experiences bold and erotic moments quite often over there. Japanese folklore and other philosophical subjects can also be seen in that world.

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