When talking about the anime, what basically comes to mind is about naturally skilled Ed (from ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’), Yagami’s ‘Death Note,’ Spike’s adventures (from ‘Cowboy Bebop’), or the titular character of Naruto

Doesn’t there any popular or good anime series with strong female protagonists? Whatever appears in our minds are shows led by male characters. Of course, there are, though not in abundance, quite a few shows where the female protagonists played a significant role in running the show and intensifying its depth. 

Let us check out the top 12 anime series with strong female protagonists who go above and beyond to complete their dreams.

Best anime series with strong female protagonists

anime series with strong female protagonists

Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill - Official TrailerKill la Kill – Official Trailer

The search for the father’s murderer is not restricted only to the show having the male lead. The 17-year-old schoolgirl, Ryuko Matoi, is no less to compete against the norm of presenting a male hero. 

From the beginning, she keeps on with her challenging nature, knowing she has to face a lot more to deal with the murderer. 

The plot moves along with Ryuko’s ability to distinguish right and wrong, her failure and success, her difficulty even in saving her own life and ends with using her powers. 

The power of Ryuko is not just Scissor Blades but also her own developed self. 

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie -Rebellion- Official TrailerPuella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie -Rebellion- Official Trailer

In this show, the protagonist struggles to gain knowledge about magical powers instead of directly having the special powers. 

Although she initially wanted to possess power, she gradually realized that suffering is very common to all, whether one has an extraordinary power or not. No one can get rid of it. 

Realizing this problematic concept, she takes a big step to relieve the suffering of the magical girl; she attempts to eradicate the witches from the world. However, for her perplexing wish, she disappears from the actual world and reaches somewhere else. 

The show ends with Homura’s vows of safeguarding Madoka’s memories in the world.

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Shirobako Complete Series (Subtitled Edition) - Official TrailerShirobako Complete Series (Subtitled Edition) – Official Trailer

Going out of the conservative role bestowed upon women by the patriarchal society Aoi Miyamori and her four best friends, Ema Yasuhara, Shizuka Sakaki, Misa Tōdō, and Midori Imai, are the women in the commercial world that backdropped their depiction. 

Among them, the plot is focused on the struggles of Aoi, and her team members, who try their best to deal with every obstacle that occurs in their way of doing anime projects; an original anime series and a manga adaptation. 


Psycho-Pass Season One - Official TrailerPsycho-Pass Season One – Official Trailer

Getting out of Edogawa Ranpo or L Lawliet, you can find an equally potent rookie Inspector within Unit One of the Ministry of Welfare Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Department, Akane Tsunemori.

With her junior and enforcer, Akane explores and researches the contemporary youth’s psychological nature to fix the problems. 

Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain Trailer HDSerial Experiments Lain Trailer HD

Here the adolescent girl’s adventures can be seen throughout the show. Through this surreal and avant-garde journey, Lain helps us delve deep into the concept of reality, identity, and communication. 

In this show, from the Marxist perspective, the middle-class family has been shown, highlighting its existence in reality.

Moribito: Guardian Of The Spirit

MORIBITO - Official Extended Trailer - Available NOW on DVD and Blu-rayMORIBITO – Official Extended Trailer – Available NOW on DVD and Blu-ray

This show is way different than what has been practiced till now. Here Balsa, the female spear-wielder, is tasked with protecting a Prince throughout his life. 

Thus, the man is not given the duty to look after his wife. Instead, the plot is turned in another way. The story then follows as Balsa leads it to protect and guard the prince.

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RWBY: Ice Queendom - Official Trailer 2 | AniTVRWBY: Ice Queendom – Official Trailer 2 | AniTV

RWBY (pronounced “Ruby”) is a show about a fictional world and about its people being trained to fight against evil. 

The four protagonists in the show share the same initials of name and color as the title, i.e., Ruby with red color, Weiss with her white, Blake with her black, and Yang with her yellow color as the theme develops to fight against the monsters called Grimm. 

Kino’s Journey —the Beautiful World

Kino's Journey - TRAILER OFFICIEL  | CrunchyrollKino’s Journey – TRAILER OFFICIEL | Crunchyroll

In Kino’s Journey, Kino travels through the odd places in the world with her talking scooter. 

She is in different places and gets to know about other things. 

In this real world, apart from being an animated show, Kino contributes a lot as the conversation with the scooter is nothing but her own internal talk.

The odds in the unknown places, too, are like the oddity in the culture throughout the real world. Thus it is through this female character that psychological introspection can be possible.

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Chihayafuru Official TrailerChihayafuru Official Trailer

In this show, pursuing one’s own (especially the dream of a woman) is glorified, which is generally regarded as selfish. 

Going against the tradition again in this female lead shows that the point of view is shown distinctively by presenting Ayase chasing her dreams many years after continuously supporting her sister to fulfill her dream to become a top model. 

Kamigami no Asobi or Ludere Deorum

Kamigami no Asobi Official TrailerKamigami no Asobi Official Trailer

Here Yui is taught by Zeus the meaning of love so that the weakening bond between humans and gods would gain strength. 

Love, which is often connected with femininity and degraded, is glorified and presented in an elevated way.

Dance with Devils

Dance with Devils Complete Series - Official TrailerDance with Devils Complete Series – Official Trailer

Ritsuka leading a good life, suddenly begins to face issues after her mother is kidnapped and she is involved in a battle between vampires and devils. 

Her life follows her struggle to find the right person to trust and sort out the battles she gets into. 

Aoharu X Machinegun

Aoharu x Machinegun - Trailer (subtitled)Aoharu x Machinegun – Trailer (subtitled)

Hotaru Tachibana, like many other philosophical shows, seeks justice for the wrong done to her friend in this show. The complicacy in this show occurs several times when the female character is mistaken as a male. 

Therefore here, a very significant concept has been pointed out by the anime that is the character, because of her outrageous and bold nature, often mistaken as male, thereby indirectly showing how a person is gendered by customized characteristics. 

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