If you want to stream anime in 2024, you need better websites. Anime has changed the entertainment industry forever, and to consume the new changes, you’ll need the best anime streaming sites that are free and safe to use.

With the advancement in technology, watching anime has become so easy. Thanks to these 10 anime streaming sites in 2024, you can stream your favorite anime without any worries. 

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This post shares the top 10 anime streaming websites that allow you to watch high-quality anime on your mobile and desktop.

Using these websites, you can watch eng dub anime, eng sub-anime, Japanese dub anime, and Japanese sub-anime. To start with this list, here is our first and best anime streaming website in 2024.


KissAnime is a free-to-use website that streams anime in almost every country. Kissanime has a solid authority, and its primary source of revenue comes from advertisements on the site.

You can find all the latest episodes on Kissanime. Users have to option to stream or download the episodes. This free site is at the top of our list of anime streaming websites in 2024.

  • Pros – Free stream and download
  • Cons- annoying Popups ads


Funimation is a website that caters to the English-speaking community, and you can find the latest anime episodes dubbed in English.

It offers an easy-to-use interface and often posts blogs about the latest anime releases.

  • Pros – Latest dubbed anime
  • Cons – Not available in every region


AnimeHeaven is a free-to-use website that offers a simple user interface. AnimeHeaven is free to stream and download the latest Anime episodes and movies.
You can simply go to Animeheaven and search for your favorite anime immediately.
  • Pros- Easy UI and Navigation
  • Cons- Delay in episodes as compared to other websites


GogoAnime will be one of the best anime streaming websites in 2024. It streams the latest ongoing anime along with anime recommendations for its viewers.
You can select the anime genre and type of Anime, and an easy-to-use search bar that autocompletes the anime you are searching for.
Gogoanime is entirely free to use, and there is an Android APK version.
You can stream every anime without any form of registration by clicking Gogoanime in the google search bar.
  • Pros – List of all anime and movies in one place
  • Cons- Adult advertisement all over the site makes it annoying


Everybody knows about the Anime giant Crunchyroll. It is considered one of the best and safest websites to stream anime in 2024.

Crunchyroll is a publisher, production company, licensing, and distribution company. Viewers can easily log in to their respective accounts and stream their favorite anime episodes.

The available membership program starts from 7.99$/ Month to 80$/month with various services and features not available in the free program.

  • Pros – Highest quality with country-wise anime recommendation
  • Cons – Some pro features require a premium membership


9Anime is a completely free-to-use website that requires no user login information. You can simply visit the site and start streaming your favorite shows immediately.

9Anime offers streaming in different screen resolutions and separate servers for better connections. 9Anime is available in most countries and is a legitimate website for streaming anime in 2024.

  • Pros- Available worldwide and requires no sign-up process
  • Cons – The continuous pop-up advertisement is the only downside of 9Anime


AnimeFreak is a visually appealing website that offers anime shows and movies.
The site regularly updates blogs, articles, and press releases to its audience.
Streaming anime shows on AnimeFreak is entirely free.
  • Pros – You can watch anime as well as read free manga on AnimeFreak
  • Cons – Complex UI and constant Advertisement on the site


  • Pros – Track your streaming hours and shows streamed
  • Cons- Users need to upgrade to premium plans for an ad-free experience


Chia-anime aniem streaming website

Chia-anime is one the oldest anime streaming websites that offers free anime streaming services globally.

The site was initially made in Japan, and later, it was translated into English to suit the western anime wave.

The company behind Chia-anime has been offering free anime streaming services since 2009, and it will continue this trend in 2024.

  • Pros- Legit website recommended by experts
  • Cons- Ads are annoying 


  • Pros – Detailed information about Anime shows, characters, and release date
  • Cons – Not available in some major Asian countries

So that was our list of the top 10 anime streaming websites in 2024. Below are some more articles related to anime, and you should definitely. Check them out.

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