As an anime fan, a phone cover means a lot to us. It describes who we are and portrays our likes and dislikes. But there are only a few legit websites that deliver quality phone covers. Today I am going to talk about Is it safe to buy anime phone covers from Amazon without reviews?

I have purchased a lot of phone covers from amazon and yes I am talking about the non reviewed ones.

How to select the best anime phone cover on Amazon

Anime phone cover on Amazon

There are a few pointers you need to mark when selecting a anime phone case.

The phone case is from a trusted seller

There are a few companies that supply quality anime products in the Indian markets. ComicSense is one such company that provides quality anime products at a cheap price. Another great company that offers quality anime products is SANCTrix. You can find a lot of anime products on these websites.

So it is important to find a good seller to find the quality anime products online.

Price of anime covers online

One thing you need to understand while purchasing anime covers online to find the right price. You have to understand that good anime covers are not cheap. The ones you find on Aliexpress are the low-quality ones and I would suggest not buying those Aliexpress anime phone covers.

Here is some photo of my Aliexpress Death Note Phone cover and I must say, the phone cover turned out pretty bad.

So you have to look for quality anime cover and don’t go for the cheap ones.

Hard Cover or TPU soft cover?

I can say TPU covers suck and you should avoid at all costs. Hardcovers are more sturdy and provide better protection to your smartphone.

Hardcovers are expensive as well but they pay off really well in the future. Here is a photo of my Moto G Turbo Anime hardcover and it still looks awesome.

5 Centimeters per second phone cover

Anime cover reviews on Amazon

Anime phone cover on amazon

A lot of people don’t write reviews for these phone covers. People buy them and forget that they ever bought them. Your best bet is to try the anime phone cover yourself and start writing reviews for them.

So that was our take on Is it safe to buy anime phone covers from Amazon without reviews?

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