You see only some of it, and there is always more than meets the eye. Sometimes you need to step away from your initial impression to see the situation as it is and not as you choose to believe.

With that in mind, our bickering duo manages to solve the case. On the heels of that is our third player regaining consciousness, except that she wakes up as a completely different person from the timid captain she got introduced to us as.

Who locked up our duo?

Picking up where we left off, our bickering duo is holding each other tight while on the verge of getting frozen to death. Luckily, someone turns off the switch, and the temperature rises gradually.

It isn’t Thoung’s husband as we first suspect, but Thoung’s sister, who probably came to get something from the house and got scared once she spotted Ha-ru and Myung-Se, so she locked them up to buy some time. 

But why did she need to do that when she could have introduced herself and just tended to her business? Well, it is because it isn’t Thoung’s sister who was there but Thoung herself pretending to be her sister, and the thing she came to get was her passport that her husband took away from her.

Feeling “sorry” for what she did to Hoai, Thoung can’t continue living there. Also, to her, hiding in Vietnam seems easier (her words, not mine).

However, unfortunately for Thoung, she is caught just a step away from boarding the plane. This time, Myung-Se proves smarter than Ha-ru by figuring out that the thing Thoung needs the most now is her passport.

Also, the fact that Thoung’s death wasn’t registered yet makes Myung-se’s assumption more plausible. Thus, our duo heads quickly to the airport to catch her before leaving the country.

Myung-Se and Ha-ru start interrogating Thoung, who claims she only burnt up Hoai’s face, but she isn’t the killer. By the time she reached the container where Hoai lives, the latter was already dead.

Thoung thought about calling the police and reporting Hoai’s death. Still, a sudden idea occurred to her, faking her death and pretending to be Hoai to get rid of her abusive husband, who not only beats her severely but also tries to beat their baby daughter.

Thoung could neither report him since he would only get locked up for a short while nor get a divorce as he threatened to kill her if she ran away. But as Ha-ru says, that doesn’t justify abusing Hoai’s dead body.

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Catching the culprit

With Thoung out of the murder suspects, Ha-ru and Myung-Se are left with two potential suspects: Hoai’s boyfriend and Thoung’s husband.

To catch the culprit, Ha-ru suggests they place both of them on a lie detector while the presumably dead Thoung shows up in front of them.

We begin with the boyfriend, who gets shocked as soon as he spots Thoung and then breaks down in tears when he finds out that the one who died was Hoai and not Thoung.

With one potential suspect down, they call Thoung’s husband, claiming that they caught the real culprit, so they need him to come hurriedly.

Ha-ru tells the husband that they have caught two suspects and need his help to identify the killer. Although the husband’s eyes can’t recognize faces, his brain waves can, as Ha-ru claims.

When Thoung enters the room at first, he doesn’t give any reaction since he doesn’t recognize her. But when she leaves and returns wearing the same earrings he bought her, the husband’s response is entirely different from his initial one.

How come she is still alive when he has strangulated her to death? The answer is simple, the one wearing the earrings on the murder day turns out to be Hoai and not Thoung, like her husband’s first suspects.

Seeing Hoai with her boyfriend, the husband mistakes that for Thoung cheating on him, which gets him livid, and he chokes Hoai to death, thinking she is Thoung.

Both husband and wife believe what they want to see without bothering to check. 

Thoung believed that Hoai’s boyfriend was the killer since they kept fighting with each other before Hoai’s murder, and the husband thought his wife was cheating on him when she wasn’t even there.

As a result, their poor baby will grow up alone while her father is accused of murder and her mother is charged with dead body abuse.

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So-Jung’s new personality

The case is solved, and soon after, So-Jung regains consciousness, but she is “slightly” different from how she used to be.

She now boasts about her achievements, wears flashy clothes with her old glasses gone, has a different hairstyle, and, most importantly, stands up to herself, unlike her timid old self.

When the chief persecutes her like before, she confidently talks back to him, and when he beats her, she teaches him a lesson and gives him a shoulder throw.

Ha-ru explains the situation to the chief and Myung-Se, who are completely baffled by So-jung’s change in behavior. As expected, the nail stuck in her head gave So-Jung a brain transformation.

Her brain is now somewhat different. How can I put it? It is now similar to a psychopath’s brain. I can feel Ha-ru’s excitement from here since studying psychopaths’ brains is more his cup of tea than anything else.

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Ha-ru meeting doctor Hwang

We also learn more about the death row inmate, Doctor Hwang, who called Ha-ru his son before. Doctor Hwang used to be a neurosurgeon but went to prison for killing a patient, but we don’t get more details about that.

He is now in solitary confinement since he kept encouraging his cellmates and guards at prison to commit suicide.

Doctor Hwang used to be the mentor of Brian Hub’s director, but now he shifts his focus to Ha-ru after hearing about Ha-ru’s fondness for studying psychopaths’ brains and his psychopath brain rebuilding project.

Can Ha-ru find a worse, better specimen than Doctor Hwang’s?

With that in mind, Doctor Hwang spared no effort to contact Ha-ru. Be it sending letters to his home, searching high and low for Ha-ru’s phone number, and calling him asking to meet.

Soon after, we end the episode with their meeting, but we have to wait until next week to hear their conversation. 

Additionally, we learn more about Ha-ru’s childhood trauma. It turns out that he got locked up as a kid in his family’s car. He doesn’t remember much except for people banging on the window and him getting out of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, Ha-ru’s parents didn’t survive that accident, which might not be an accident after all, just like doctor Hwang claims. According to Doctor Hwang, Ha-ru’s memories are distorted, so he can’t clearly remember the cause of his parent’s death.

We have yet to find out if Doctor Hwang is telling the truth or if he is manipulating Ha-ru to take advantage of him. Anyway, I am enjoying how the drama excels at taking a complicated medical condition and adding its humor and light-hearted tone to it, thus gifting us with an entertaining watching experience. Please keep up the great work, and stay a calm, show.

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