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12 Korean Drama OSTs That Every Kdrama Enthusiasts Know By Heart (2023)

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Music is the best friend to melancholy souls. Whether you are in love or you want to spend some quality time with yourself, music is always a constant companion. It perks up your mood. But bored with your current playlist, here is a list of 12 OSTs that will revamp your playlist.

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Stay With Me – Chanyeol, Punch (Goblin):


Goblin has been one of the most compelling K-dramas of all time. It has a stellar cast with visuals that aren’t a joke, stunning performance, perfect cinematography, and enthralling OSTs. ‘Stay with me’ has been sung by EXO’s Chanyeol and Punch. Their beautiful voice has made this masterpiece even more legendary.

It’s Definitely You – BTS’s V and Jin (Hwarang: Poet Warrior Youth):


If you are a fan of the Wooga squad, you might know that members BTS’s V, Park Seo Joon and, Park Hyung Sik met on the sets of ‘Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.’ They have been best buddies since then. Talking about the OST, sung by BTS’s V and Jin, is sure to brighten up your mood. The soft beats are sure to cause a dopamine surge.

You are My Everything- Gummy (Descendants Of The Sun)


‘Descendants of the Sun’ is one of the most popular K-dramas, telecasted in 32 different countries, and is loved by masses not only for its storyline, exceptional cast, stunning locations but even more so because of its background OSTs. The drama depicts the love story of a Korean special force unit’s captain and a trauma surgeon, separated by philosophies and bound by duty. This song perfectly expresses the feelings of the two leads.

My Destiny (My Love from the Star) – Lyn


Do Min Jun, an alien who came to Earth 400 years ago. Having lived for so long, he has become cynical and indifferent to human affairs. ‘My Destiny’ depicts the sincere feelings of the two leads. It clearly expresses the pain and confusion of the leads for falling in love with someone not meant for you.

My Id is Gangnam Beauty – Gang Haein (Something in your eyes) :


This drama features Astro’s Cha Eun Woo and Im Soo Hyang. Cha Eun Woo’s visual is no joke, and Im Soo Hyang’s acting skills perfectly blended with the mesmerizing music will surely catch your breath at the moment. The song best outlines the twitching feeling in your heart when you first fall for someone.

It’s You- Jeong Sewoon (What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim):


This exotic piece of music will swoon you away with its sincere confession of love. Jeong Sewoon’s sweet voice has beautifully structured the whole musical. Watch this drama featuring Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young, and fall in love again.

Itaewon Class – BTS V (Sweet Night):


Itaewon Class depicts the story of Park Sae-Ro-Yi(Park Seo Joon) and his friends and their infinite struggles to start their business. V has sung the song as well as participated in its production. His deep voice with the soft music is a sure ear retreat. Its compelling story is bound to touch your heart, and this song has added a feather in its cap.

Sunset – Davichi ( Crash Landing On You):


Sunset from Crash Landing On You has a piece of soothing music, and it lifts your mood and depicts the love between the lead couple. Crash Landing On You is a love story of an army officer and a south Korean heiress who accidentally reaches North Korea and how the series of misery turns into a way of beginning a new love story.

Done For Me – Punch (Hotel Del Luna):


This drama is a rom-com with a supernatural twist to it. It is a tale of hidden secrets, old curses, and a wait of eternity to finally meld into nothingness. IU’s splendid performance will impress one and all. All the other cast members have done equally well. But moreover, this drama has been on the top list because of its beautiful soundtrack. This vocally extravagant music piece of Punch will take your heart away. She has undoubtedly given her soul out in the song. If you loved this one, be sure to check out the other pieces of music of this fantastic music album.

It’s You – Henry (While You Were Sleeping):


This drama features Nam Hong Joo(Suzy) and Jung Jae Chan(Lee Jong Suk), and Jung Hae In in a never seen before avatar. These three lives get connected by destiny because of their remarkable ability to foresee the future of each other. This ethereal piece of music complements the incredible track of the story.

Because Of You – Huh Gak (Angel’s Last Mission Love):


This heartwarming love story will make you cry and laugh. The show depicts the love story of a cold-hearted woman Yeon Seo and a cheerful, trouble-making angel Dan. This exquisite, slow melody sung by Huh Gak is a romance revival and perfectly blends with the storyline and justifies the title.

Double Trouble Couple – Mamamoo (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon):


This fantasy drama has all the elements to humor your day and also bring a cheeky smile to your face. This upbeat music with Mamamoo’s members’ superb voices will surely make you groove. Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik’s amazing chemistry will twitch your heart for sure.

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