Netflix is a streaming service that came into existence in early 1997. Nobody knew what Netflix was or how to use it. Fast-forward into the year 2020, Netflix has 182 million paid subscriptions in more than 150 countries. But one thing Netflix still doesn’t have is good anime shows. Anime is a term used to discuss animation shows with a distinctive Japanese style.

Why is Netflix bad for anime

Netflix broadcasts shows from almost every country and the amount of regional shows on Netflix is impressive. It has shows from India, Spain, Korea, USA, UK , Australia etc. So focusing on only one country is impossible for Netflix team. The argument for more anime shows on Netflix can go on and on but People from all around the world loves different shows from different genre. that particular reason is enough to put to a valid point on Why Netflix is bad for Anime.

40 best anime to watch on Netflix

  1. Haikyu (sports)
  2. A silent voice (movie)
  3. Kakegurui(game/highschool/adult)
  4. Hunter X Hunter (shine/adventure)
  5. Tokyo ghoul (horror/thriller/matured)
  6. My hero academia (game/supernatural/highschool)
  7. Naruto (shonen/ Ninja)
  8. The seven deadly sin (fantasy/supernatural)
  9. Sword art online (game/supernatural/Sci-fi)
  10. One punch man (adventure/ comedy )
  11. Fairy tail (adventure /action/ fantasy )
  12. Food wars (slice of life)
  13. Assassination classroom (supernatural/highschool/action)
  14. Kengan ashura (action/adventure)
  15. Death note (police/detective/supernatural)
  16. Tora Dora ? (Slice of Life, romance, comedy)
  17. Baki (wrestling, action)
  18. Akame ga kill (adventure/ supernatural)
  19. Castlevania (fantasy, supernatural)
  20. Bleach (action/adventure/fantasy/supernatural)
  21. High school DXD (comedy/ adult/ fan-service)
  22. Re:zero (adventure/ romance, isakai)
  23. Spirited away (children/fantasy/supernatural)
  24. Violet Evergarden (emotional/ drama)
  25. Flavors of youth (comedy/slice of life)
  26. 7 seeds
  27. Jojo’s bizarre adventure (comedy/action/adventure)
  28. Devil man crybaby (supernatural)
  29. Overlord (Gaming/isekai/fantasy)
  30. SwordGai (supernatural/action/comedy)
  31. teasing master takahi-san (comedy/highschool/slice of life)
  32. Saiki-k (comedy/supernatural)
  33. Full metal alchemist (shonen/ adventure/action/travel)
  34. That time I got reincarnated as a Slime (isekai/comedy/slice of life )
  35. Hellsing (vampire/supernatural/gore)
  36. No game, No life (Isekai/ games/ supernatural)
  37. Kaguya-Sama love is war ? (Highschool/romance/slice of life )
  38. Fruit basket (highschool/romance/slice of life )
  39. Ultramarine magmell (sci-fi/ supernatural/action)
  40. Rosario + Vampire (vampire/ comedy/fan-service)
  41. Magi: adventure of Sinbad (adventure/action/travel)
  42. Cells at work (kids/slice of life/comedy)
  43. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (adult/military/police/god’s/supernatural)
  44. Inuyasha (supernatural/classic)
  45. Seraph of the End (action/adventure/supernatural)
  46. Free ! (Highschool/comedy/sports)
  47. My Neighbor Totoro (kids/supernatural/classic/fantasy)
  48. Akashic Record of Bastard Magic Instructor (fantasy/superpower/slice of life/comedy )

So that was our article for what anime should I watch on Netflix?. Netflix is a great entertainment source but it’s not limited to only anime. highly suggest crunchy roll for the ultimate anime viewing experience. Crunchyroll has the latest anime like the tower of god, high score girl, and more. Netflix is impressive and offers more than one genre of TV shows.

To sum up we can say Netflix is bad for Anime but it’s good for the rest of the TV shows and web-series.

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