Lately, the news has come that Kaguya- Sama Love Is War manga is ending with this creator Aka Akasaka, the author of the manga, who has also blazoned his withdrawal as a manga artist by stating that he will be creating original stories as an author.

The update came forth a day after the rearmost release of the final Kaguya- Sama Love Is War manga chapter on November 2, in the 49th issue of Weekly Young Jump. The manga is set forth to release its final volume on December 19, 2022, along with the release of the spin-off series of the manga’s final volume and the final fanbook.

Kaguya-Sama Love Is War creator will leave the manga

Kaguya-Sama Love Is War

Kaguya-Sama Love Is War creator Aka Akasaka announces his withdrawal as a manga artist. By publicizing his retirement, Aka Akasaka, the creator of Kaguya- Sama Love is war, also blazoned that he’d like to retire from his conditioning as a “manga artist who draws” and will only concentrate on creating stories as well as writing on it, as an original author does.

As we see for the art, he’s likely to continue to draw just for hobbyhorse but not as a Manga artist. In his recent statement, he also thanked his suckers who had supported him during serialization gauging across seven and a half times of manga. He felt sorry for failing to keep up with the daily serialization, following which he tried to have several obstacles as a manga artist.

Still, he stated that as he looks past, he feels happy and satisfied, given how he might have pleased the people around him with his work. Indeed though Kaguya- Sama Love Is War manga is being ended, the author Aka Akasaka assumes that there are still many effects that are demanded to be finalized in the story, which he’d like to digest ever, presumably in the form of a spin-off series.

He unveiled that he and his platoon are putting sweat into it, believing they can portray a beautiful story for the fans. As for the fans themselves, they assume that the spin-off series would surely follow Ishigami and Ino in the manga.

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