Here we go again. Kaguya Sama: love is war – Season 2 just came out and oh man it’s so boring. You might be offended by this statement that I find Kaguya Sama: love is war – Season 2 boring. In order to understand the the word boring let me tell you. I have been watching anime for almost 15 years. I’ve watched each and every genre that was online. I even purchased manga from Japan in order to understand the story and character better. So I know what I am talking about. One thing that is hard to accept is ‘Highscool Anime sucks ‘. We are not longer that kid we used to be. The new generation actually goes out to dates and they don’t hide their feelings. So coming up with romance anime when the whole genre is falling apart is plain stupid.

The first season of Kaguya Sama: love is war was good, no doubt but season 2 is a little bit more of bragging than actually putting effort into it. I was 3 episodes in the show and I quickly gained a consciousness that this is actually trash. The 2020 spring anime was a disappointment with a few exceptions. Tower of God, Re: zero was some of the best that came out.

Highschool anime sucks in 2020

Things have changed , the new generation doesn’t give much thought about the lovey-dovey highschool romance anymore. They just want to get the main point. Adults like me have grown into men as well. If you ask any men at the age 24 and what kind of anime he’ll like I am 100% sure he will answer action and adventure. The reason highschool anime sucks in 2020 is pretty clear – its not funny anymore.

The era of highschool ended with the year 2018 and there is no need for aggressive highschool anime anymore.

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