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Plastic memories review – otakusmart

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Plastic memories is a 13 episode Sci-fi, romance anime which was aired in the year 2015. Plastic memories or plamemo is a emotional rollercoaster where android bodies or giftias exist alongside human beings. A giftia is a humanoid being with feelings, emotions and sympathy for other. A giftia lifespan is about 9 years and after that they loose their memories and their personalities.

Plastic memories plot

The MC Tsukasa is a 18 year old boy living a miserable life and living on his parents money. His father with some good connection holds a position for him in a technology based IT company. This is where the main story starts.

After meeting Isla, a giftia. Tsukasa works with her at the office where the only job Isla had was serving tea. Formerly she was one of the inspector’s but due to her inability to work in a team she was abandoned by her former partner. Later on Tsukasa patches up with Isla and both of them starts working together. Tsukasa works in the terminal office where the main objective of the team is to retrieve the giftias body. Isla and Tsukasa works up the ladder and becomes one of the most respected team in the office. Isla confidence comes back but one thing she still lacks is having any form of connection with anyone. She detest anyone who tries to comes close to her. Tsukasa eventually falls in love with and she falls too.

The end of plastic memories

The crying takes over you when you see how people feel when you snatch their favourite human beings.

According to the plot, the owner or the friend or a relative have to sign the contract form which allows the terminal service to take the giftia back to the main office.

In the 13th episode we see Isla and Tsukasa goes out for the last time and guess what – the place they meet each other the last time was the amusement park.

In a few hour Isla will turn into a helpless Body and then Isla decides to ride the giant wheel for the last time with her live Tsukasa.

Tsukasa and Isla declares their love for each other and Tsukasa puts a terminal ring into the finger of Isla and the story ends while they kiss on the top of the Tokyo city.

There’s more in plastic memories

Tsukasa comes back to the office and by working hard for 9 months in the office he willingly joins the terminal building. There in the last few seconds we can see Isla comes back to the office and she shakes hand with Tsukasa as his new partner.

Guess what ? Tsukasa paid for new personality and new memories in the same body of Isla. The episode ends there and we can see a positive ending where Isla comes back to the office but with a different name.

So that was our quick review of plastics memories that was aired in the year 2015. You can find other related articles below. For more information follow otakusmart to stay updated about the latest and trendiest in anime and pop-cultures.



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