Gleipnir is one of its kind action/ mystery/seinen and with a lot of fan service. And by lot, I mean a lot.

Gleipnir was aired in the month April of 2020 and 8 episode has been aired till now. This ecchi X action anime is different from other anime in the same genre. The dark tingling Persona’s of character and a twisted world of aliens and superpowers will keep you at the edge of your seat. I can guarantee you once you start watching Gleipnir there is no going back. The filth, agony, and anger will put in place of Shuichi, A highschool student who doesn’t want to stand out. A common everyday guy who blends with the rest. But the writer of Gleipnir doesn’t want him to be normal. Do they? So otakusmart brings you the Gleipnir review – characters, episode list, actors, ratings and more

Plot of Gleipnir

A distinctive plot where the main character turns into a stuffed animal and a sadistic girl enter inside of him making them one. Well, let that sink in. This is the exact plot of Gleipnir. The two main character forms a pact to find a certain woman who is responsible for their misery. The girl loses her parents who were murdered by the women and Shuichi turns into a stuffed monster because of her. That’s enough reason to chase her down. Isn’t it? Let’s dive deep into the world of monsters and Ecchi anime girls.

Gleipnir cast

Pine jam studio didn’t hold back anything on this anime. The animation and voice acting represents perfection in its purest form. The studio introduced famous voice artists like Hanae, Natsuki as Shuichi, Touyama, Nao as Kurea. Not to mention there were other cast members who gave voice to other important characters like Kana Hanazawa as Elena and Sakurai as the alien. The cast handled the voice acting up to perfection and the animation team worked really well on the fighting scenes and landscape scenes. It is a feast to the eyes for all anime fans cause Gleipnir doesn’t hold back anything.

Ratings for Gleipnir

Gleipnir was initially introduced as the underdog in spring anime 2020. But the distinguished style and twisted story dominated the seasonal anime for spring 2020. Gleipnir received mixed reviews on various sites. Here is a list of reviews from different sites.

Myanimelist – 6.88 🌟 IMDb – 6.8 🌟

Gleipnir is still considered as an underdog and it is being overshadowed by shows like the tower of God and Kaguya Sama: love is war season 2. But the anime community is slowly showing internet in Gleipnir and it is just a matter of time when we see a huge fan following for Gleipnir.

Gleipnir episode list

We are not sure if there is a season 2 but there are 12 episodes in season 1. Each episode is different from the last one and we can see plot changes in each and every episode. There is no space of fillers in the anime because all the events leading up to something and ultimately we will see a battle between both the teams.


There are two main characters which may be or may not be called as hero’s here. Shuichi and kurea are two different people who become one. On the other hand, we have a team of Elena and her two companions. We can surely see some character developments in the anime. In episode 7 we can see there are some hidden characters and hidden powers which will unravel in the further episodes. we are too waiting for the new episodes. While we all wait for the episode here is a list of top 5 anime of spring 2020.

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