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Future of Anime in India: Anime India news and careers in Anime

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India and anime share a long history of entertainment and storytelling. The first animated epic ‘The Ramayana’ was created by Japanese animators with Indian writers and actors. You might be surprised that the Late Mr. Amrishpuri gave voice to the character ‘Ravana’. Along with that many other Bollywood actors and voice-over artists gave their voices to characters in the epic. Here in this article, you will read about the current state and future of the anime industry in India.

What up with Indian anime?

In the early 2000s, shows like pokemon and Beyblade was airing in India. At that time nobody knew what anime was or its origin country. In 2015, The anime industry started fetching new career opportunities for Indian writers and illustrators. The anime industry started booming in countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India were no exception. Popular shows like death note, and Tokyo ghoul inspired new studios and manga artists to write and publish their own work for audiences. One such studio is Studio Durga – which produced and telecasted the first Indian Anime series ‘Karam Chakra’. Studio Durga set the bar high for other creators as the series was highly inspired by series like steins gate and monster.

How has YouTube promoted anime in India?

YouTube played a significant role in promoting anime because Indian creators promoted shows like Tokyo Ghoul and Your name to the Indian audiences in the Hindi language. It was very hard for the industry to survive in India without having the stronghold of the Indian language. These individual creators started uploading videos on a daily basis and audiences started developing love and support for Anime in India.

The second boost

The second boost was the premier of Weathering with you in Indian cinemas. Creators from all over the country started showing interest and passion for this movie.

This was the second boost that changed the anime community and a high percentage of people accepted anime as their form of entertainment.

Let’s talk about the future of Manga artists in India.

There is a huge demand for illustrators and artists in the industry. People who can create characters and illustrations are always in huge demand. The recent boom in anime culture opened new doors for illustrators and Indian artists are instantly earning thousands of dollars through their artwork. There are several Social media platforms where Indian Mangakas share their artwork.

We can see anime and manga has a lot of potential in the Indian market. Companies from all around the world are willing to invest in the Indian anime industry and we can expect bigger and more Hinduism-based anime shows in a few years.



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