Tower of God, a web novel which was adapted to anime because of the overwhelming popularity among pop culture geeks. In the first week of its release Tower of god quickly gained Popularity in the anime community throughout the world.

The story revolves around a girl named Rachel and the protagonist Bam. The premise of the story is a tower that is divided into different floors. And he one who teaches the top floor becomes a god.

In the first five minutes of the episode, Bam loses Rachel when she decides to climb the tower of god. Bam looks for her to get answers to his overwhelming questions.

In the next minutes, Bam meets the caretaker of the tower. Headon is the tower protector and guide, he asks Bam to climb the tower to seek answer for his questions.

Tower of God Episode 1
Tower of God Episode 1

The emotions burst out of Bam and he decides to climb the tower in search of Rachel. According to the tower rules – those who wish to climb the tower are required to pass the eligibility test.

In the episode, we can see a huge arena where a water dragon waits in his cage.

Tower of God Episode 1

To pass the test, Bam has to break the black ball inside the water. But it is not as easy as it seems. Because he has to avoid the constant attacks from the white steel el.

Tower of God Episode 1

In the second half of the episode, we can see two other characters joining the conversation between Headon and Bam. These two characters speak a different language and throughout the episode, they call Bam a non-regular.

Tower of God Episode 1
Tower of God Episode 1

Finally, Bam decides to take the rest to find Rachel. One of the characters Yuri. She is the princess of Jahad and as a token of respect, she lends Bam a very powerful sword.

Tower of God Episode 1

Bam enters into the water and stands in front of the white steel el. The white steel el eats bam like a small candy. The disappointment and fear can be seen in the bystander’s eyes. Yuri’s assistant then points out Bam is using the sword from the inside of the white steel el. He manages to survive the white steel el but the main task is breaking the black ball. This is the first test for climbing the tower.

Tower of God Episode 1 eng sub review - otakusmart

The sword has no effect on the ball. Bam constantly attacks the ball but there is no way that sword can break it. In the meantime, we can see Rachel and a long-haired boy that Rachel rescued from the ground talking about stars and sky and how she wanted to see the sky which is at the top of the tower.

Tower of God Episode 1

Coming back to bam. The assistant of Yuri advises Bam to ask the sword to lend him the strength to break the black ball. To everyone surprise the sword turns into a beautiful blonde haired spirit and asks Bam that if need strength to climb the tower. ‘I want strength to see Rachel again I don’t care about the tower’, Bam replies.

Tower of God Episode 1

The sword spirit then holds Bam into her arm and breaks the ball. Bam elevates to another floor and Yuri, her assistant, and Headon look surprisingly at the powers and determination a normal human kid holds. Yuri then decides to follow Bam to get back her sword.

Meanwhile, in the last few minutes of the episode, Bam is transported into an open field. Where a futuristic Jukebox announces that this is the second test for the Tower of God.

To pass this eligibility test the participants have to kill each other until only 200 people are left out of 400.

Tower of God Episode 1

Bam quickly picks up his sword and starts running. The open field is filled with creatures holding different characteristics and weapons. The crowd starts killing each other in the last scene we can see Bam and the other 3 characters comes into a standoff in the open field.

Tower of God Episode 1

We are really excited to see the other episodes of the tower of god. The animation style is soothing. The Colors and animation can be described as similar to Monogatari series devil man cry baby. Comment down your favorite scenes from the anime. Be sure to comment and subscribe because we’ll bring you the latest of anime every week.

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