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Most hyped Anime of 2020

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This list is filled with the most hyped Anime for the year 2020. This spring, anime series are coming in with new seasons and original shows. Otakusmart brings you the most hyped Anime of spring 2020.

SAO : War of Underworld 2nd season

The amount of hype SAO kept over the years is overwhelming. Kirito and Asuna are not here for jokes. The former gang comes into play to save kirito and this is the ultimate boss battle, we all have been waiting patiently. The hype around SAO : War of the underworld 2nd season is going crazy online. This must be the best SAO movie ever made.

SNAFU : season 3

SNAFU is the underdog in the slice of life anime. All thanks to the slow and steady character development of different characters in the show and the matured sense of humour of our MC hachiman. If you haven’t watched the first two seasons then you need to quickly grab some tissue because this one is a emotional rollercoaster. This will be a real treat for all high and romance anime fans.

Kaguya- Sama season 2

This is my personal favourite. Two tsundere high school students both part of the student council falling in love. I really hope kaguya and president will finally propose to each other in this comedy/ highschool drama. This could be the best thing that’ll happen in the year 2020.

Re:Zero season 2

All we wanted after Re:zero was a season 2. People went frenzy over Re:zero and it’s characters. Waifu war started because of Emilia and Rem. Now finally we saw the trailer for the season 2 and man it’s badass trailer. The hype around Re:Zero season 2 has been around for so long and fans are patiently waiting for Subaru to take the revenge. This is the 2nd most hyped Anime of spring 2020.

Tower of God

The web novel was a huge hit since it came out. This in the only anime on our list which is spreading Chaos of social media sites. The story, characters, and powers are enough to make us believe that this will be the most anticipated anime for spring 2020. Just type Tower of God on any social media site and you will find people are seriously hyped about this original series.

Rent a girlfriend

Rent a girlfriend is a wholesome anime and it is one of the most successful anime series in 2020. Apart from being a college romance, Rent a girlfriend speaks about the generic teenage issues and especially those of boys. The MC is a college student who just wants to have a girlfriend and he recently hires a part-time girlfriend to cure his loneliness. The online anime community is already fighting over the two women of this anime: Chizuru Mizuhara and Mami Nanami.

So that was our take on Most hyped Anime of spring 2020. for more anime updates follow otakusmart today.



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