Was Tanjiro Kamado’s Father A Demon Slayer?

Was Tanjiro Kamado’s Father A Demon Slayer?

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When we talk about the best anime series of the new generation then which anime comes to mind first? Is it Black Clover, Jujutsu Kaisen, or My Hero Academia? No, it’s one of the highest-earning manga and all-time best Demon Slayer. Well, with popularity also comes questions regarding characters and their personality. In this blog, I am going to answer the question which is “Was Tanjiro Kamado’s Father A Demon Slayer?”

When you go back to the first season of the Demon Slayer then you get something interesting. I am talking about the glimpse of Tanjiro’s Father scene where he is doing the fire dance. Moreover, in the flashback of Mujan’s past, he was chased by a Demon Slayer who has a resemblance with Tanjiros Father. 

If you want to know the secret behind the Tajiros’s Father then keep reading this blog. But keep in mind that if you did not complete the series then it became a huge spoiler. 

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Tanjiro Kamado’s Father A Demon Slayer

If you don’t have the time and want a quick answer then, Yes, Tanjioro Kamado’s Father was not a Demon Slayer. Tanjiro’s real father was a regular woodcutter and seller who had connections with the person who defeated Muzan. 

The person in Muzan’s flashback was Yoruichi Tsuki Kuni, who was one of the first humans who can use breathing techniques. The fact is the incident takes place around 300-400 years back in the Demon Slayer World. 

Furthermore, Yoruichi Tsuki Kuni is the inventor or founder of breathing techniques. His Dance of the Sun or you can say Fire God is the origin of all other breathing techniques. 

Connection Between Tanjiro and Yoruichi Tsuki Kuni 

The next question among all Demon Slayer fans is the connection and relation between Tanjiro and the first Demon Slayer. The answer to this question is a bit spoiling and if you want to know about that keep reading. 

In his last days (the first Demon Slayer) he met the family of Tanjore where the father of Tanjore is impressed by the Demon Slayer. Moreover, the Demon Slayer also saves Tanjiro’s parents from an accident that can cause their death. 

Furthermore, before departure,, Tanjiro’s mother asks him to do his powerful Fire God Dance. Tanjiro’s father memorizes the spleen and keeps the ritual even after the Demon Slayer Left. However, the Fire Dace contain total 13 levels but Tanjiro and Tanjiro’s Father only know about 12 of them. The strongest demon slayer of all time gives his earring and Fire Breathing secrets to Tanjiros’s Family.  

That’s it, this is the only thing we know about (or written in the manga) about the relation between the first demon slayer and Tanjiro’s family. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section or something else you want to know from Demon Slayer. 

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