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Anime Recommendation Of The Week – Violet Evergarden

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Hey, it’s your boy Ecchi lover. Welcome to the 11th episode of my weekly anime recommendation series. I can’t believe it’s already been 10 episodes since I started this series. Today, we have Violet Evergarden. A show about moving on, learning about love, feeling emotions, and accepting your new life.

Violet used to be a human weapon during the great war. Gilbert, accepted Violet as a person and slowly started loving her.

After the war ended, Violet was shattered as she couldn’t fit in the world without her master. Fortunately, an old friend of Gilbert helps Violet to get a job as a memory doll(letter writer). As she progresses in this profession, Violet learns about what it means to love someone and how humans are vulnerable being who couldn’t write their feelings in words.

It’s a beautiful ride of emotions that will drive you wild and you might end up missing someone,who never existed before.

The animation is top-notch, and thanks to Kyoto animation studio, Violet Evergarden is the epitome of stunning visuals and gorgeous characters who can be described in a single word – Breathtaking.

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