Fruits Basket (2019) officially ended on a beautiful note on 29th June with its Finale episode. A prequel spin-off series was announced for a 2022 release at the end of the Finale episode making the viewers happy. After the successful run of Fruits Basket Finale, let us look at these 5 anime recommendations similar to Fruits Basket to soothe our hearts.

Plot Summary

Fruits Basket is the story of Tohru Honda, a high school student who starts living with her high school classmate and his relatives due to a certain turn of events. She ends up sharing the house with Yuki Sohma and his relatives: Shigure Sohma and Kyo Sohma.

Tohru Honda comes across the Sohma family secret, where certain members of the family transform into one of the members of the Chinese Zodiac. The anime series is about her experience living with the Sohmas and befriending many more interesting characters as the show progresses. The anime show initially starts as a light-hearted slice of life series but gradually becomes dramatic. It eventually deals with sensitive topics such as depression, neglect, self-harm, etc.


Fruits Basket (2019), the remake of the 2001 version, adapted the manga entirely by distributing them in 3 seasons. The first episode came out on 6th April 2019 and ended its run on 29th June 2021. The remake gave viewers a wholesome picture of the story, unlike the 2001 version which deviated from the manga and never completed the series. With the last episode, Fruits Basket has successfully given the fans closure that was overdue. Its animation added an aesthetic element that made it more beautiful.

What’s next after Fruits Basket?

The fans received a great surprise at the end of the Fruits Basket Finale when a spin-off series about Tohru Honda’s parents was announced. The title of the prequel spin-off is “The Story of Kyoko and Katsuya”.

Anime fans now have another reason to wait for 2022, until then, here is a list of anime similar to Fruits Basket that you can watch to comfort yourselves and look forward to 2022:

Anthem Of The Heart (2015)

“Anthem of the Heart” Movie Trailer“Anthem of the Heart” Movie Trailer

Genre: Slice of life, romance, school life.

Anthem of the Heart (2015) is another movie that anime fans must watch. It is a story about a girl who cannot talk for certain reasons. The movie is about school students preparing for a major school event and how they work together despite their differences and issues. The movie shows how words can not only be beautiful but also weapons to destroy relationships. It is similar to Fruits Basket as they both talk about trauma in family relationships and the adverse effects of it on the characters. It is a must-watch for people who like slice of life genre.

A Silent Voice (2016)

A Silent Voice - Official TrailerA Silent Voice – Official Trailer

Genre: Drama, romance, school life

A Silent Voice is a story of redemption where Shouya Ishida, a high school student, tries to correct the mistakes of his past. He tries to redeem himself by meeting the person he wronged, Shouko Nishimiya, a deaf person. A Silent Voice is one of Kyoto Animation’s popular works that are famous even today. Anime lovers must watch this movie to see the warm, intense but relatable story of this movie. A Silent Voice and Fruits Basket share a similar vibe and may help people to feel deeply comforted by its style.

Flavors Of Youth (2018)

Flavors of Youth | Official Trailer [HD] | NetflixFlavors of Youth | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Genre: Slice of life, romance, food.

Flavors of Youth (2018) is an anime movie that has 3 shorts stories compiled as one full-length movie. Each story has different characters and talks about certain aspects of their life from their childhood and present lives. The unique element of each story is the focus on a particular dish. The characters of each story revisit their childhood memories through aesthetic food. Fruits Basket and Flavours of Youth put a lot of focus on creating a complete picture using the past and present of its characters. This anime is a recommended watch for viewers as it shows the simple lives of simple people. Their lives may turn complicated but food makes it simple because food is simple. Food is simply a combination of flavors just like our youth.

Princess Jellyfish (2010)

Princess Jellyfish -NoitaminA Animation- 【Fuji TV Official】Princess Jellyfish -NoitaminA Animation- 【Fuji TV Official】

Genre: Slice of life, Comedy, Josei

Princess Jellyfish (2010) is a story about 19-year old Tsukimi Kurashita, a NEET (Not in education, employment, or training), who lives with four other women who are just like her: socially awkward, introverts, geeks. Tsukimi Kurashita has loved jellyfishes ever since she visited an aquarium as a child with her late mother. Her love for jellyfishes and their beauty has inspired her to be an illustrator. The 5 women meet a beautiful woman who is the complete opposite of them but also seems to be harboring secrets of her own. Kurashita and her fellow tenants do not represent the mainstream anime character designs but reflect a simpler and ordinary design that may appeal many viewers. This anime sets itself apart in many ways similar to Fruits Basket and might find the interactions of the characters in the anime very relatable.

Given (2019)

GIVEN : THE MOVIE (2020) - Trailer [English Sub]GIVEN : THE MOVIE (2020) – Trailer [English Sub]

Genre: Drama, Music, Highschool.

Given (2019) is about four band members and their relationships with each other and the people around them. The music of the anime is a highlight, it brings out the emotions of the characters in the best manner. One of its songs, Fuyu no Hanashi ( A Winter Story), is very popular amongst anime fans all over the world.

Trigger Warning: This anime contains sensitive content such as suicide, depression, abuse. It is for people who want to explore a more intense genre that goes beyond a slice of life. The anime shows a realistic image of issues that may occur in romantic relationships, same-sex relationships, or otherwise. Since both Fruits Basket and Given talk on sensitive topics; this anime finds itself on this list.

Fruits Basket (2019) has set a great standard for slice of life, romance anime. Anime content is becoming more engaging and creative; it has created a dedicated fan base. As we wait for its spin-off series, let’s enjoy what more the world of anime has to offer us.

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