Are you tired of the same anime series on Crunchyroll and want to try something different?

You’re not alone because we are tired of watching the same shows on popular anime streaming services.

For a chance, here at OTAKUSMART, we’re all about experimenting and providing better service to our visitors.

Today, our research team gathered the list of the best anime on HIDIVE!

If you’re an anime fan looking for great shows, HIDIVE has a vast selection.

But before we check out these anime series on HIDIVE! Let’s see how HIDIVE works and what plans it offers for anime enthusiasts!

Anime on HIDIVE: The best plans for Otakus!

Anime on HIDIVE plans

HIDIVE is a subscription-based streaming service that offers a vast selection of anime and Asian dramas.

Sentai Filmworks, a US-based anime licensing and distribution company, owns and operates the service.

HIDIVE is available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Central America, and South America.

HIDIVE offers three different plans to choose from, each with its own set of features:

Basic Plan

This plan costs $4.99 monthly and gives you access to HIDIVE’s entire library of anime and Asian dramas. 

You can watch shows in up to 1080p HD quality, and there are no ads.

Standard Plan

This plan costs $7.99 per month and includes all the features of the Basic Plan, plus the ability to download shows for offline viewing. 

You can download up to 10 episodes simultaneously, which will be available for 30 days.

Premium Plan

For the ultimate anime-watching experience, the plan costs $9.99 per month and includes all the features of the Standard Plan, plus access to HIDIVE’s Simulcast shows. 

Simulcast shows are new episodes released on HIDIVE the same day they air in Japan.

 With the Premium Plan, you can stream shows simultaneously on up to two devices.

In addition to these plans, HIDIVE offers a 14-day free trial for new users, allowing you to test the service before committing to a subscription.

HIDIVE is a great option for anime fans looking for diverse shows

With its affordable pricing and range of plans, this streaming service has something for everyone.

Now that we got the elephant out of the room let’s concentrate on the list of the best anime on HIDIVE and how to watch it with our exclusive anime-watching guide on HIDIVE!

List of 25+ best anime on HIDIVE

25 best anime on HIDIVE

So you’re a fan, huh? But haven’t you heard about HIDIVE?

Don’t worry because, being your exclusive anime streaming guide, OTAKUSMART will suggest you the best anime based on your preference and genre.

HIDIVE, a popular subscription-based streaming service, has many anime and Asian dramas. 

With so many options, deciding what to watch next can be overwhelming. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 25+ best anime to watch on HIDIVE. 

From action-packed adventures to heartwarming romances, there’s something for everyone on this list. 

So, sit back, relax, and get ready to dive into some of the best anime that HIDIVE has to offer.

Action/Adventure anime on HIDIVE

1. Akame ga Kill!

This show follows a group of extremely skilled assassins and their goals that put everyone’s lives in danger!

The group follows a pact to overthrow the corrupt government and establish peace again in the country.

2. Princess Principal

Princess Principal is similar to “Akame ga Kill!” and is a perfect buffer for your adventure anime appetite.

The show follows a steampunk-style animation based on a group of spies trying to prevent a war.

3. Made in Abyss

You can’t go wrong with Made in Abyss because it is one of the most loved anime series on HIDIVE.

The anime follows a fantastical world where humans and animals can coexist, and the plot thickens when a female character ventures into the dangerous abyss in search of her mother.


For our military anime fans, we got a treat for you! GATE is probably one of the coolest anime series on HIDIVE and is surely pleasing to watch if you’re about that life.

The anime follows a military world and a portal that connects the human habited earth to the fantasy world

5. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

As the name already suggests, this anime doesn’t hold back on anything and is surely a treat to the eyes.

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash follows dark and gritty settings based on a fantasy world where our protagonists are stuck and must find a way out to their original homes.

Romance anime on HIDIVE

6. Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You is an overwhelming burst of emotions and is certainly an anime that every YURI fan should watch!

The show follows the story of a touching romance between two high school girls who develop feelings for each other.

7. Hitorijime, My Hero

Hitorijime My Hero is an adult anime with mature themes encompassing forbidden love between students and teachers.

The story unfolds when a high school student slowly falls head over heels with his former teacher.

8. Scum’s Wish

This anime is almost similar to Hitorijime My Hero but seems more complex.

The story follows a mature romance between two high school students who use each other to cope with their unrequited love.

9. Tamako Market

A life of life anime that warms yoru heart but is good enough to keep your coming for more.

Tamako Market follows the story of two kids who live across the street and slowly find themselves in the warmth of teen love. 

10. Yona of the Daw

Yona of the Daw follows the story of a princess bound in her kingdom.

Her story is inspiring, and as a wake-up call, she decides to flee her kingdom after a coup.

The anime has all the emotions you’ll need for a good night’s cry. 

Comedy anime on HIDIVE

11. Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Recovery of an MMO Junkie” (Net-juu no Susume) is a popular anime series that follows the life of Moriko Morioka, a 30-year-old woman who quits her corporate job to become a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) and plays an online game called “Fruits de Mer.

12. Revue Starlight

A rather interesting entry to the scene, “Revue Starlight” (Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight) is a popular anime series that follows the story of Karen Aijo, a young girl who dreams of becoming a stage actress.

13. WataMote

WataMote is probably one of the most relatable anime for longers as the show represents the life of a socially awkward high school student and how she copes with her era of being an “unpopular student” of her school.

The anime resembles “Welcome to the NHK” and gives some “Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru” vibes.

14. Food Wars!

Gordon Ramsay would agree that Food Wars! is a popular anime as it has all the ingredients for being one of the hottest culinary school-themed shows ever.

The story follows several culinary school students doing their best to please the chefs.

15. The Great Passage

“The Great Passage” is an anime about creating a comprehensive dictionary and the challenges faced by a shy and introverted man, Mitsuya Majime, as he leads the project.

Along with his colleagues, including the outgoing Masashi Nishioka and the passionate Kaguya Hayashi, they work to overcome budget constraints, technical difficulties, and personal conflicts to make the dictionary successful. 

Drama anime on HIDIVE

16. The Garden of Sinners

“The Garden of Sinners” anime follows the story of Shiki Ryougi, a girl with the unique ability to perceive and destroy the “lines of death” in anything.

Hired by a detective agency to investigate a series of murders connected to a string of suicides, she meets Mikiya Kokutou, a boy from her past who now works as an assistant.

Together, they uncover a dark and sinister plot involving a mysterious woman named Kirie Fujou and supernatural events threatening the city’s safety.

17. The Garden of Sinners

“The Garden of Sinners” is a Japanese anime film series that follows the story of Shiki Ryougi, a girl with the unique ability to perceive and destroy the “lines of death” in anything.

A detective agency hires her to investigate a series of murders connected to a string of suicides in the city.

Along with Mikiya Kokutou, a boy from her past who now works as an assistant, they uncover a dark and sinister plot involving a mysterious woman named Kirie Fujou and supernatural events threatening the city’s safety.

18. Houseki no Kuni

“Houseki no Kuni” is a Japanese anime series set in a world inhabited by humanoid “gems” with unique abilities and personalities.

The story follows Phosphophyllite, a fragile gem tasked with creating an encyclopedia for the other gems.

Despite being ill-suited for battle, Phosphophyllite is determined to contribute to the community.

As the series progresses, they confront the threats posed by the Lunarians, a race of aliens seeking to capture and turn the gems into decorations.

19. Houseki no Kuni

In “Houseki no Kuni,” a world of humanoid “gems,” Phosphophyllite is a fragile gem assigned to create an encyclopedia for the others.

Despite lacking combat abilities, Phosphophyllite wants to contribute to the community.

The story progresses as the gems confront the Lunarians, aliens who want to capture and turn them into decorations.

Phosphophyllite forms relationships with Master Kongo and Cinnabar while exploring themes of identity, purpose, and morality.

This anime depicts a captivating world with unique characters.

20. Devils’ Line

“Devils’ Line” is a Japanese anime series set in a world where vampires, called “devils,” live amongst humans.

College student Tsukasa is saved from a devil attack by Anzai, a half-devil working for a special police unit.

They develop a relationship and face prejudice from those who fear devils.

The duo uncovers a conspiracy involving illegal devil blood sales threatening the uneasy truce between humans and devils.

The anime blends drama, romance, and supernatural elements while exploring themes of prejudice, identity, and relationships. It’s a gripping and emotional series.

21. A Certain Scientific Railgun

Set in Academy City, a futuristic city where students with psychic abilities attend specialized schools, “A Certain Scientific Railgun” follows Mikoto Misaka, a Level 5 esper with electric power.

Mikoto and her friends solve the city’s mysteries and prevent disasters.

They face various challenges, including rogue scientists, terrorist organizations, and secret projects.

The anime explores power, corruption, and morality while delivering action and adventure. 

22. Banished from the Heroes’ Party

In “Banished from the Heroes’ Party,” the protagonist, Red, dreams of becoming a hero but fails to develop useful skills and is expelled from the heroes’ party.

He then begins a journey with the mysterious Rona, encountering challenges and developing a close bond with her.

The anime explores self-worth, friendship, and perseverance while featuring exciting battles and intense confrontations.

It’s a heartwarming and thrilling anime that will appeal to fans of fantasy and adventure.

Slice-of-Life anime on HIDIVE

23. Girls’ Last Tour

Girls’ Last Tour follows the story of two young girls named Chito and Yuuri, who travel through a post-apocalyptic world on a modified Kettenkrad, encountering remnants of the past and facing challenges such as food scarcity and dangerous terrain.

Despite the bleak world, they maintain their optimism and curiosity, finding beauty and meaning in the remnants of civilization they discover.

The anime explores friendship, survival, and the meaning of existence while showcasing the power of human resilience and adaptability.

It’s a hauntingly beautiful and philosophical series that balances moments of tranquillity with bursts of action and adventure.

24. Urara Meirocho

“Urara Meirocho” is a Japanese anime series about a girl named Chiya who travels to Meirocho to find her mother.

Meirocho is known for its fortune-telling shops, and Chiya meets three other girls there who are also aspiring urara or fortune tellers.

The girls attend a special school to learn the art of fortune-telling while uncovering mysteries and facing challenges.

The anime explores themes of friendship, self-discovery, and the power of believing in oneself and features a colorful world, charming characters, and elements of adventure and fantasy.

It’s an enjoyable and heartwarming anime for slice-of-life and magical girl genre fans.

25. Tsuritama

“Tsuritama” is a Japanese anime series about a high school student named Yuki who moves to a small town on an island and struggles with social anxiety.

He befriends Haru, a self-proclaimed alien who loves fishing, and together with Natsuki and Akira, they form a fishing team and participate in a competition.

However, they soon discover a plot by alien beings to take over the earth, and Yuki and his friends must work together to stop them.

The anime explores friendship, communication, and personal growth themes and features beautiful animation and colorful characters.

It’s a unique and charming anime that blends fishing and aliens into a heartwarming and entertaining story, suitable for slice-of-life and science-fiction fans.

26. Welcome to the Ballroom

“Welcome to the Ballroom” is a Japanese anime series about a high school student named Tatara Fujita who becomes fascinated with ballroom dancing.

He joins a dance studio to pursue his passion and meets other passionate dancers, forming new friendships while training hard to improve his skills.

The anime explores perseverance, teamwork, self-discovery, and the beauty and complexity of ballroom dancing.

It features stunning animation, thrilling dance performances, and diverse characters with unique personalities and backgrounds. 

27. Grimoire of Zero 

“Grimoire of Zero” is a Japanese anime series about a young witch named Zero, who teams up with a half-beast mercenary named Mercenary to search for a magical book called the Grimoire of Zero.

The book has the power to end the persecution of witches, but it’s also rumored to have the power to destroy the world.

As they embark on a perilous journey across the land, the duo develops a deep bond and learns more about each other’s pasts and the true nature of the Grimoire of Zero. 

Best anime on HIDIVE: FAQs

Is HIDIVE’s anime selection diverse?

Yes, HIDIVE offers a diverse selection of anime that covers different genres and themes. From action-packed adventures to heartwarming slice-of-life stories, HIDIVE has something for everyone.

Can I watch HIDIVE’s anime on multiple devices?

You can watch HIDIVE’s anime on multiple devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs. You can also download the HIDIVE app on your mobile device for convenient streaming on the go.

Are there any exclusive anime available on HIDIVE?

Yes, HIDIVE offers exclusive anime unavailable on other streaming platforms. Some exclusive anime available on HIDIVE include Bloom Into You, K-On!, and Made in Abyss.


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