Anime community need not fear anymore. Their lord, savior, and Jesus is back with new anime shows that will keep you hooked up all night. This is wholesome anime of 2020.

In case you missed the best anime of 2020 click here and you can transcend to the page where I have added more than 50 new anime that is worth your time and money. To start off the list, the first anime is Rent a girlfriend.


Man, I have just watched the first episode and I am already hooked on it. Here is the trailer of the anime and I want you to share your views on the episode in the comment section. Okay, now moving on to the next wholesome anime of 2020.

God of high school

If you haven’t watched the first episode of God of high school then you sure are living under a rock. Such competition and such aggression, I am already in love with this martial art based anime. God of highschool is exclusively available on Crunchyroll and then here comes the best news, you can watch God of high school for free on these websites. Moving forward in the list I want to add Re: Zero Season 2.

Re: Zero Season 2

Re: Zero makes a comeback with Subaru suffering from all the existential dread. 4 Years before we all were happy that finally, everyone is where they should be. But to our surprise, things are about to get uglier as Rem will lose her personality and consciousness, and our hero Subaru will fight again with the great witch of greed. If you are not familiar with the latest developments in Re: Zero franchise I advise you to read about Re: Zero seasons here.

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