Monetization platforms have enabled bloggers and content creators to earn money without ever leaving their houses.

Earning from content that you could never imagine is really very surprising. Do you write and publish content just for you like it? 

Then you’re already in the midway to earning money with the help of your creativity. Check the list of monetization platforms from the following and learn about them:

Top 10 monetization platforms in 2023


Google’s AdSense is a platform where website publishers serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements in the Google Network of content sites. 

These contents are targeted to attract audiences and viewers to generate revenues. Google maintains all these contents. 

This online advertising platform was released 19 years ago, on June 18, 2003. 

One can easily earn money with a simple click. The app helps to connect publishers with advertisers. 

While the publishers connect the website, the advertisers get a chance to display their ads like display, in-feed, in-article, matched content, and link ads on those websites. 

This is where the revenues are earned; as the website views those ads, the publishers get their money for the part the ad is considered, and the rest of the ad’s money goes to Google


Experience incredible revenue boost from the visitors with Ezoic. 

Have awesome content and need more traffic? Join more than 10,000 publishers using this app.

Beginning its journey in 2010, Ezoic works as a technology solution for digital publishers wanting to earn money through their websites

The fact from 2010 never ceases to grow regularly, introducing new features for the publishers. 

Ezoic is a certified partner of Google Certified Publishing Partner, Cloudflare, JW Player, and Flippa website exchange. 


With the growing need for content writing as well as writers, there are a lot of social media apps to provide you the opportunity to earn money. 

But if you need a 100% fill rate, global coverage, weekly/monthly payments, and 24/7 customer service, then you’re at the right place, as ExoClick will fill those gaps you lack. 

Benjamin Fonzé is the CEO and founder of whom people are creative, and with such creativity, the technology runs; thus, by creative people, innovations occur in the ad tech industry. 

Audience Network

Facebook has been popular nowadays and also for a long time. But why upload your creativity or scroll on Facebook leisurely? 

Audience Network is there to provide you the opportunity to earn even on Facebook. Through Audience Network, you can have quality ads to fit your content. 

You can access global, multi-vertical demand from millions of advertisers on Facebook

To have a better experience, they provide formats, full-screen ads, and try-before-you-buy products. 

Currently, this network has extended Meta’s people-based advertising beyond the limited range of the Facebook platform.

Starting from 2010, this leading online ad-tech company has been the second-largest contextual advertising network in the world. 

It manages ad supply of high quality on over 500,000 websites. 

It connects with advertisers globally and works with intelligent tech talents. It, along with the work, provides their people to learn more by connecting with their colleagues. 


It is one of the leading content marketing and native advertising platforms that structure advertising and empowers advertisers and publishers to earn money with handy things. 

Publishers can fulfill the desire by assisting in the growth of the brand presence of the advertisers as well as get a path to earn for themselves. 

They help you to build your site lightweight so that it’s easily loadable, providing a non-interruptive and easy way to earn. 

Amazon Associates 

Amazon Associates, the advertising platform, is the leading content marketing. Do you want to join and earn? Such a simple process it is. 

Just sign up and connect with thousands of creators, share your content with customized linking tools, and earn. 

Depending on the referrals for Amazon, you will earn. It works on a commission basis. 

Taboola Ads

It is a discovery and native advertising platform. Sites like Bild, Bloomberg, NBC News, Le Figaro, MSN, The Independent, and The Weather Channel are served by Taboola. 

Taboola works through the process, like CTR and CPC. In CTR or click-through rate, how your content is popular can be checked, and in CPC or cost per click, you can learn how you will earn and how your content will face competitors. 


Having 12 years of experience in this field of online advertising platforms, it provides easy-to-use systems to help publishers. 

It has adopted efficient methods to boost your traffic. You can generate striking ads by adopting efficient practices. 

Displaying MediaFem can earn 70% of the revenue.


This program adds traffic to your content even without a website. In your small blogs, even you can make a profit with display ads.

 It offers high-paying advertisements. It provides simple handling tools so that you can understand it easily. 

It is a boosting ad platform for brands, agencies, media buyers, and agencies. 

Bitika Paul

Bitika Paul is a content writer and published author from West Bengal. She is a cinephile and watches movies or series of different languages and genres, in fact, she sometimes indulges in binge-watching. She writes content on popular culture, subjects, travel, books, lifestyle, foods, etc. She is a bookworm who doesn't want to get out of the house unless she is robbed of excuses.


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