Facebook is the giant of social media, and there is a reason for that. According to oberlo, about 1.73 billion people use Facebook every day, and 2.60 billion every day. To give you an estimate about this number, the total population of New Zealand in 2021 is approximately 5.06 million. Meaning there is 10x the number of people on Facebook as compared to New Zealand’s entire population.

Even though Facebook has such a large number of users, it’s getting harder to get noticed on the platform. This is due to Facebook’s algorithm of marketing that changes frequently and never hits our radar. The marketing tactics you’ve used until now don’t provide much feedback or sales, but it’s a little too late to give up now. We have listed 5 Facebook marketing tips that still work in 2021-2022.

Create a variety of content

Many marketers still believe that posting images daily on Facebook will drive social traffic on their websites. There was a time when this method created miracles for businesses, but it doesn’t work like that anymore. Still, marketers are persistent in using the same process without improving their content approach. In 2022, the first concern for any marketer should be creating various content, including images, memes, polls, videos, live streaming content, and gifs. By giving your content a makeover, you can connect with audiences who, otherwise, should have ignored your post on their news feed.

Optimize your Facebook page

Choosing the right type of Facebook business profile is crucial in 2022. Gone were the days when you can simply create a business page and start posting without worrying about audiences. Now, creating a business page is not enough. You need to streamline your business page. Luckily, Facebook offers multiple page templates that cater to almost every kind of business. You can tweak your page visuals with the customization options to add personal touches to your Facebook page. If you have a digital marketing agency, you can add the “contact us” button. Similarly, service-based websites can add a “Visit Us” button to make use of Facebook’s customization to your advantage.

The rise of video content

You must be surprised to know that by adding the word “Video” in an email marketing copy, you can increase its CTR by 13%. Videos are everything for younger audiences. On average, about 5 billion Youtube videos are being watched every day. Even though Facebook is not Youtube, it does have a knack for videos. Content marketers emphasize using videos, but we have to make sure not to overdo it because nobody likes long videos that take forever to prove a point. To properly use videos in your Facebook marketing, make your videos short and snappy. The reason for doing that is simple- people on the internet like snappy things. By creating engaging short videos, you can get better user-engagement, which is still a legitimate requirement for a better CTR rate on websites.

Using Facebook Messenger as your arsenal

Even though Facebook Messenger is listed as a chatting application, this little bad boy can take your business to new heights. When combined with chatbot technology- Facebook Messenger can take orders, suggests clothes, asks for information, and so much more. Chatbot companies like Chatfuel, Dialogflow, and Pandorabots can transform your Facebook Messenger into a fully automated chatbot for cheap. Furthermore, you can use this chatbot to communicate with your audience humanly and naturally. This automation makes your business a little smarter and puts less pressure on you because your bot is taking customer service care without any human touches.

Take advantage of Augmented Reality (AR) tools

Facebook has already created Augmented Reality (AR) tools for businesses on its platform. So far, people like the AR integration because it makes the E-commerce experience a little more futuristic and fun. Users can now take full advantage of AR wearables like eyeglasses and makeup without visiting physical stores. What’s better, they can do that from within the Facebook application. There are numerous ways you can use AR for your products. The most prominent example of Facebook AR is how South Korean car manufacturing company, Kia, uses Facebook VR to help people customize their products with the help of Facebook Messenger. Even though the technology is hard to get but once you get its hang, your customers will come flooding for your services.


Facebook is the undisputed social media giant that continues to wrath the competition. Even though other social media platforms that a lot of people use, the number of people liking your content on Facebook is unmatched. There are thousands of ways you can use Facebook to promote your business. Even though we have listed the top 5 Facebook marketing trends in 2022, these five topics constitute only a fraction of what you can accomplish using Facebook as your sole marketing tool.


Ashish Khaitan is a content writer based out of New Delhi. He usually writes content for business owners, websites, and filmmakers. He likes anime, mangas, and Kdramas and often spends a lot of time reading books. He enjoys his own company and rarely goes outside unless there is a sale in the local clothing stores.


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