With the case being over, our leads are left to face up to their most hurtful memories. While our detective is beginning a new chapter in his life, his neuroscientist partner finds himself in a shocking situation that might turn everything he had believed to be true so far upside down.

Picking up where we left off, the one who killed Jung-Yoon isn’t Joon-young but her son Ho-Young. Now, the question is why he did such a cruel thing when they supposedly got along well. 

Myung-Se gives Ho-Young a call, claiming to have found a new clue, but Ho-Young lies about having a swimming practice. It is of no use, though, since Myung-Se has already spotted Ho-Young near his house.

Brain Works episode 10: Chasing after the real culprit

Seeing how determined Ho-Young is about dropping off his bag before going anywhere, Myung-Se concludes that the murder weapon is in the bag. 

Ho-Young figures out his crime are revealed and runs away. Myung-Se chases after Ho-Young but loses him after they bump into a stroller. 

Between catching up with Ho-Young and saving the baby, Myung-Se goes with the latter, thus losing Ho-Young. This earns him some nagging from Ha-ru, who arrogantly claims he could have caught Ho-Young easily, had he tagged along.

Luckily for them, Ho-Young uses his mother’s credit card, leaving some traces that lead them to a motel. While staking out, Myung-Se shares one of his painful memories with Ha-ru. 

10 years ago, Myung-Se was staking out in front of a motel to catch a criminal. It had been days since he last saw his daughter, and while searching for her photo, he spotted his back-then wife going into the motel with another man. 

Understandably mad, Myung-Se crushed the man’s car, and I assume he divorced his wife after that incident. Since nothing happened, the man was acquitted, and he was so shameless that he asked Myung-Se to pay for the car repair. But our detective stood his ground and refused to do so.

Since then, staking out at motels kept reminding Myung-Se of this painful memory. And now he wants it erased from his mind. Before Ha-ru can say anything, though, they must rush to the rooftop since Ho-Young threatens to jump off. Worried he might jump, Myung-Se stays at a safe distance away from Ho-Young. But it is Ha-ru who approaches Ho-Young and literally “jumps along with him.” 

Don’t get it wrong. Our neuroscientist isn’t someone who does things recklessly. Before he goes near Ho-Young, Ha-ru ensures that the inflatable mattress is already laid there, and they land safely on it. 

Still, it is a risky move. Watching that impactful jump, Myung-Se, scared to death, hurries to check on Ha-ru, who is as cool as a cucumber as if nothing happened.

Brain Works episode 10: The story of the two brothers and their scary mother

At the station, Joon-young gets released and is given the shock of his life after learning that his younger brother is the real culprit. Through the investigation, we find out the truth about Joon young’s condition and the murder

Unlike the kind-hearted mother act Jung-Yoon put up in front of her husband and the strangers, she was the worst mother ever to Joon-young and practically abused him.

Five years ago, Joon-young and Ho-Young skipped their swimming practice. But instead of telling on his younger brother, Joon-young claimed he was the one who didn’t want to go. 

Which earned him a beating from Jung-Yoon and a slap that led him to hit his head against a nail stuck on the wall. 

As a result, Joon-young started suffering from unbearable headaches, so he stayed in his room most of the time. Not long after, Joon-young started acting weird, and Jung-Yoon, for sure, turned a blind eye lest Joon-young remembered what she had done to him. 

Ho-Young can’t tell if their dad knew of Joon young’s condition. He may have never known or have known but turned a blind eye. After the father’s death, Jung-Yoon became even more vicious, mixing cleaning solution into Joon young’s food to kill him. 

All Ho-Young could do, though, was bring Joon-young milk and bread and persistently tell him not to eat anything other than that. Seeing how Jung-Yoon was adamant about forcing Joon-young to eat no matter what, Ho-Young mustered up the courage and confronted her about attempting to murder Joon-young.

But who said such a cruel woman would have an ounce of guilt? Instead of repenting for what she did, Jung-Yoon brazenly argues she did all of that so they can inherit all the money using the same timeworn nonsensical excuse, “it is all for your sake.” Since Ho-Young wouldn’t buy those cheap lies, Jung-Yoon planned to send him away to a dorm so he wouldn’t be able to take care of Joon-young anymore. 

She had already figured out that Ho-Young buys his brother food, so she would go all out to carry out her plan and send Joon-young to his death. 

Now, Jung-Yoon takes off the good mother mask even in front of her son, arguing that he is the reason her life turned nasty.

Brain Works episode 10: A bittersweet ending to the brothers’ relationship

Ho-Young gets devastated, so he resolves to kill himself to escape from the claws of his nasty mother. On the incident day, Ho-Young follows Jung-Yoon to the hiking trail, threatening to kill himself in front of her. 

But she snatches the knife away, and Ho-Young accidentally stabs her while trying to retrieve the knife.

The sight of blood scares Ho-Young, who hurriedly heads back home and tells Joon-young about everything that happened. 

Desperate to protect his younger brother, Joon-young changes into Ho-Young’s hoodie and turns himself in, claiming to be the culprit. Ho-Young knew nothing about his brother’s plan until the police arrived. Still, he kept silent about the truth afterward.

When asked about his happiest memory, Joon-young says it was while training in the swimming pool with Ho-Young. His scary stepmother wasn’t there, and it felt like they were the only ones in the world. 

That’s how much he adored and cared for his younger brother. Despite getting his brain reset repeatedly, Joon-young keeps asking about Ho-Young and remembering their happy moments together.

Joon-young gets admitted to a hospital for treatment. Till he finds a proper guardian, Joon-young will be under the police’s guidance. I hope he soon gets reunited with his younger brother so they can live happily together.

 Luckily, since he didn’t mean to stab Jung-Yoon, Ho-Young will be charged with manslaughter, not murder. And perhaps he might get a lighter sentence considering how Jung-Yoon abused both of them.

The case is over, and now it is time for Myung-Se to give Se-Jung an answer to her confession. It takes a nudge from Ha-ru for Myung-Se to get over his cheating wife and muster up the courage to ask Se-Jung out for dinner. 

It turns out that Myung-Se also had feelings for Se-Jung, but he couldn’t bring himself to ask her out. Myung-Se’s daughter and ex-wife may be some obstacles, but I am sure our new couple will successfully get through it together.

Speaking of the said ex-wife, amidst celebrating their sweet first day together, Myung-Se gets a call from her for the most unexpected reason. 

On her way home, Myung-Se’s ex-wife, Mo-ran, bumps into a dead body abandoned on the street. To prove that she isn’t lying, Mo-ran sends Myung-Se a picture of the discarded body.

Meanwhile, a masked man breaks into Ha-ru’s home, holding a knife. We end this week’s episode with Ha-ru’s face down with the masked man, which isn’t a coincidence but has to do with his parents’ accident, which might not be an accident after all.

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