Now that the cause of her illness is discovered, Ji-Yul gets to speak again and lives cheerfully, just like the other kids.

As for her mother, an empathetic heart-to-heart with Myung-Se and some motivational pep talk from Ha-ru get her to muster up the courage and have faith in herself that she can take care of her daughter on her own.

Further, despite everything they went through together, the trust between Myung-Se and Ha-Ru isn’t mutual, and who is suspicious of his detective partner being a corrupt cop yet again.

Saving the day in Brain Works episode 6

Picking up where we left off, Myung-Se is lying on the exorcism table, with no choice but to endure the whip lashes to not blow his cover. Soon after that so-called exorcism is finished, it is Ji-yul’s turn.

But luckily, before that creepy cult leader bashes her with the whip, Ha-ru shows up to save the day in a “savior” mode, and he successfully takes off with Ji-Yul and her mother.

The cult leader chases after them, but the tires of all the cars there are broken. I knew it. Our charming neuroscientist will only meddle in with a backup plan.

Meanwhile, Myung-Se and Se-Jung try to secure evidence against the cult leader, but they are soon caught, and a fight ensues between them and the leader’s followers.

The leader gets arrested along with her followers, who keep chanting in loud voices in the holding cell.

As expected, the cult leader denies all the charges against her. Thus, the only hope is to get through to Ji-yul’s mother, convincing her to tell the truth about what happened on the murder day.

Being a single father himself, Myung-Se reaches out to Ji-yul’s mother, validating her feelings and empathizing with all her hardships while taking care of her young daughter on her own.

Funnily enough, they both start crying their eyes out while having a heart-to-heart about raising their children.

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Discovering the cause of Ji-Yul’s illness in Brain Works episode 6

In return for telling them the truth about the murder day, Ha-ru promises to find out the cause of Ji-yul’s sickness. After conducting a few tests, it is suspected that Ji-Yul has brain inflammation, but to find out the reason, more detailed tests need to be run.

However, when you have a genius neuroscientist on the team, it takes only a few minutes to connect the dots and learn the cause of the inflammation.

After double-checking with a gynecologist, Ha-ru concludes that the cause of the inflammation is a teratoma in Ji-yul’s ovary. Soon after the teratoma is removed, Ji-Yul regains her ability to speak again.

The trouble is that after getting released from custody, the cult leader heads to the hospital, causing a scene to take Ji-Yul and her mother to the headquarters.

Not on Ha-ru’s watch, though, who keeps encouraging Ji-yul’s mother to break free from the cult leader’s grasp and protect her daughter. Luckily, the mother musters courage and tells the truth about the murder.

That night, her husband didn’t name their daughter, but the cult leader as his killer. When the mother reached the rooftop, Ji-Yul was there holding a knife, too scared to say anything.

Realizing that the leader killed her husband, Ji-yul’s mother started panicking. But rather than confessing to her crime, the leader slapped her and kept talking nonsense about the evil spirit possessing Ji-Yul.

Insisting that Ji-yul is a minor who won’t be punished anyway, the leader manipulated Ji-yul’s mother into throwing her daughter under the bus.

Since there is no evidence left of the leader killing Ji-yul’s father, It is hard to charge her with anything other than assaulting Myung-se with the whiplash. However, as it turns out, Ji-yul’s father isn’t the only victim murdered by that leader.

A teenage student had ended up dead because of her whiplashes during an exorcism, and instead of admitting to her crime, the leader buried him in the forest.

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Ha-Ru re-suspecting his partner in Brain Works episode 6

The case is over, and off to jail goes the leader. On the heels of that, Myung-Se receives the good news of receiving the model detective award for the good deed he did to save the diner’s owner.

Everyone congratulates Myung-Se, but Ha-ru is grumpy since, contrary to his intentions, he gets Myung-Se praised instead of exposing him as a “corrupt” cop.

But it looks like despite everything they went through while working together, Ha-Ru didn’t budge an inch from his wrong impression. While going through Myung-se’s belongings, Ha-ru stumbles across a tablet, inside which he finds a video of Myung-Se talking to a high schooler.

Instead of asking for an explanation, albeit he is clearly in the wrong for going through Myung-se’s belongings, Ha-ru concocts a plan to “humiliate” Myung-Se in front of everyone.

On the day of the award ceremony, while Myung-Se delivers his speech, thanking everyone, Ha-ru plays the video, getting both Myung-Se and Se-Jung in utter shock to say a word.

I’m afraid I have to disagree with Ha-ru’s behavior this time. At first, it may be understandable to have doubts about Myung-Se, but after working together as partners, he should let go of that wrong impression and trust Myung-Se a bit more.

Not to mention that going through someone’s belongings behind their back is bad manners.

This week’s case is darker and more emotional than the previous ones. At first, one might hate Ji-yul’s mother for putting her daughter through those hardships because of her wrong convictions.

Still, by the end, we start to see her in a different light, a vulnerable mother with anxiety issues having to take care of her young daughter alone since her mother is dead and her husband works outside Seoul.

Towards the end, I began to pity Ji-yul’s mother. Still, that doesn’t excuse her wrongdoings. She could have sought professional help instead of joining that creepy cult that had gotten her brainwashed.

Anyway, I hope both mother and daughter are living happily together after the mother starts to love and trust herself, just like Ha-ru told her.

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