Solo Levelling Manhwa is getting a side story arc, and it is said it will be a tribute to its creator, DUBU. Solo Leveling Manhwa has been completed and is getting a brand new anime series this year. No doubt, it is one of the most anticipated anime series of the year.

But sadly, the only creator of such a masterpiece is not anymore with us, which is why there have been many delays regarding the release of the series.

Solo Leveling side story explained

With this latest news, it has also been disclosed that Solo Levelling is getting a spin-off series in a manhwa, which will be a tribute to the creator DUBU and the story will be a love letter to a creator.

It is a rumor that the announcement for the side story for Manhwa Solo Levelling was to create hype amongst its fans and to also promote the new anime release for the series.

Solo Leveling side story plot

It is said that basically the side story creation for the manhwa series of Solo Levelling is just to create hype amongst its fanbase, but ultimately the plot can be a whole lot different.

Because even the creator of Solo Levelling manhwa illustrated the series originally, it is adopted from its light novel, which is because it is assumed that to honor the creator DUBU, an original story can be created to pay tribute to him, which will not be adopted from the light novel of the series.

Solo Levelling side story release date

It is said that the spin-off will be produced in-house by Redice Studio, which is Dubu’s own art publishing company, and is set to premiere in the summer of 2023; it is also assumed that it will be released on his death anniversary, July 23rd, 2023.


So finally, it can be said that it’s a good initiative to start the side story of the series before the release of the actual anime for the series, as it creates more anticipation amongst the fans to watch anime. And something new is given to the fans, which is always appreciated!

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