Bocchi The Rock! season 2

Bocchi The Rock! season 2 release date, cast and everything we know so far

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Bocchi The Rock! is one of the musical and slice-and-life genre anime released recently and did well, which was unexpected.

The original manga was already loved by its fans but the anime adaptation, as the name goes, rocked this year! The anime just completed and fans are expecting more to be released sooner.

So everyone is assuming that season 2 of the anime can be released in the coming year even though no official announcement for the same has yet to be made.

Bocchi The Rock! season 2 plot

The Bocchi The Rock! season 2 plot would be interesting as the first installment proved its metal. The anime series revolves around a girl named Gotou Hitori, an introvert who wants everyone’s attention.

(Yes, it sounds weird, but she is a unique introvert). But later in the series, she joins a band (forcefully). And her only passion or you can say her dream is to be a famous guitarist.

So the story goes on like this, and ofcourse like every slice-of-life genre anime, it’s wholesome. Therefore loved and appreciated by their fans.

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Can we expect Bocchi The Rock! season 2?

The question is pretty simple. The 1st season of the anime was a blockbuster with a rating of 9.02 on MyAnimelist and an 8.6 rating on IMDb; This fact makes things easier to assume that season 2 for such a vast demand series is a must!

And the second reason for season 2 is that only 20 percent of manga is covered for 1st season of anime.

The rest is left to be covered for anime adaptation, Which gives a lot of content to the production house to cover the rest of the manga anime adaptation for the series.

And the third reason is the high demand of fans after watching season 1 of the anime.

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Final thoughts on Bocchi The Rock! season 2

Well, almost all the tangible things are being covered for the reason for season 2 to come for the series. So did you think of any other reason for the same?

Or are you expecting season 2 to be released for the series? Let me know in the comment section!


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