Brain Works Episode 8

Recap on Brain Works Episode 8: What’s going on?

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Recap on Brain Works Episode 8 opens up with a new twist. Just as we think the case is over, it gets extended, taking an entirely different turn with the murderer and the victim switching places.

Also, our neuroscientist leaves the team for reasons only he knows. But before he quits, our neuroscientist gifts his detective partner with an unforgettable experience.

Picking up where we left off, the husband turns himself in, drenched in blood and holding the murder weapon in his hand.

With the case getting extended, Ha-Ru puts off his resignation for now, claiming it will be the last case he investigates with the team.

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Brain Works Episode 8: A different victim and murderer

However, when Myung-Se and Ha-Ru arrive, the wife is safe and sound, and it turns out that the one who got killed is the neighbor from before. 

The husband claims the neighbor kept mocking his illness, so he lost his temper and hit him on the back of his head in the heat of the moment. 

The wife’s testimony matches the husband’s claims. Myung-Se and Ha-Ru don’t buy it, though. Also, the forensics analysis result supports their suspicions that the husband is lying.

The trophy might have the fingerprints of the husband and a partial one of the wife. However, the direction of their footprints and the way the blood splattered make it farfetched for the husband to hit the neighbor at that angle. 

To be more definite, our trio re-enacts the crime with Ha-Ru playing the husband, Myung-Se as the neighbor, and Se-Jung as the wife. Ha-Ru seems excited to hit Myung-Se with the trophy, but the re-enactment proves that it is most likely that the wife is the killer.

Ha-Ru suggests they conduct a brain test for both husband and wife to see if they are telling the truth. While the wife refuses to comply with the test, claiming she is emotionally unstable. 

The husband agrees to cooperate, but the problem is that the result of the test states that the husband is telling the truth.

To make the case more complicated, a photo found on the neighbor’s phone suggests he had an affair with his wife, which serves as a motive for the wife to murder him. 

After all the things they have gone through, she, for sure, will do anything she can to maintain her marriage and stop the neighbor from exposing the affair.

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Brain Works Episode 8: Using the wife’s brain against her

With the wife continuing to deny her involvement in the murder despite the affair getting exposed, an idea crosses Ha-Ru’s mind. 

What if they make her think of the murder day and night that she can’t help but confess to her crime to get that burden off her shoulders? 

As Ha-Ru says, our brains are complex, so when the wife keeps telling herself to forget about the murder, her brain does the complete opposite, and she can’t seem to stop thinking about the murder.

The second step is for our neuroscientist/detective duo to keep a watchful eye on the wife in case she tries to destroy the evidence. 

But they are funnily caught red-handed when the driver of the car they were hiding behind moves his car. 

The wife claims to be shocked they suspect her. She is only on her way to the dry cleaner after throwing away the trash.

Later at night, Myung-Se goes through the trash. At the same time, Ha-Ru refuses to lend him a hand since he is a “consultant” whose job is only to give advice and oversee the process comfortably from the car.

 It isn’t like they stumble across something important, either. They only find another trophy, but the catch is that it doesn’t have any DNA traces they can analyze.

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Brain Works Episode 8: Our detective’s observation skills secure the smoking gun

Just as our team is about to give in, a smoking gun comes their way with a fiber found beneath the neighbor’s fingers. 

If anything, Myung-Se’s observation skills play a vital role in identifying that fiber source which is none other than the wife’s hiking outfit she was dropping at the dry cleaning or, more accurately, throwing away there.

Using luminol, Myung-Se finds blood on the hiking outfit. Undoubtedly, it is the neighbor’s blood. Even with such irrefutable evidence, the wife keeps denying her crime, claiming that blood only got on her since she was standing next to the neighbor. 

But you know, we can’t control how our brain functions and the wife’s body doesn’t play along with her lies. The wife keeps feeling as if her arm is numb, and her pain keeps increasing by the day, so she has no choice but, to tell the truth about what happened. 

Feeling awful about cheating on her husband with the neighbor, she tried to keep her distance. But that day, the neighbor kept provoking her and mocking her husband’s illness and wouldn’t stop no matter what. 

Unfortunately, the husband overheard their conversation and got into a fight with the neighbor.

Things got intense, and the neighbor continued making fun of her husband’s illness. Not being able to take it anymore, the wife hit him on the back of his head. 

Hence, the neighbor died on the spot. To protect his wife, the husband splattered blood on his clothes and turned himself in, claiming to be the killer.

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Brain Works Episode 8: How to confess your love in Ha-Ru’s style?

With the case getting solved, Ha-Ru calls it quits despite Myung-Se’s desperate efforts to hold on to him. Before he leaves, though, Ha-Ru has a small scheme up his sleeve. 

Noticing the utterly obvious crush Se-Jung has on Myung-Se, who, according to Ha-Ru, isn’t a catch, Ha-Ru shares a sure-fire method to confess her feelings to Myung-Se. 

Se-Jung must take Myung-Se somewhere high and dangerous, such as the peak of a mountain. 

That way, Myung-Se will be out of breath with his heart pounding, so he will naturally assume it is because he fell for Se-Jung. 

Theoretically, it seems plausible in Se-Jung’s mind. Practically, Myung-Se doesn’t fall in love, but off the mountain peak, getting Se-Jung shocked.

I doubt that Myung-Se fell down. It is probably in Se-Jung’s imagination. Still, we have to wait until next week to learn what truly happened and how they will convince our neuroscientist to return to the team, though I don’t think he wants to quit. 

Ha-Ru’s aunt says Ha-Ru is becoming warmer after joining the team. He keeps bickering all the time with Myung-Se, but they have grown on each other.

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