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Kpop/Kdrama inspired stores and shops in New Delhi

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Are you one of the people who write Kpop shops near me, or Korean fashion shops in New Delhi? If yes, then we are on the same page, my friend. In some way or the other, we all have been influenced by the Korean wave. So much so that some of us have started their business in Korean culture. From beauty cosmetics to apparel, people love everything Korean, and it all started with Kpop and Kdrama. 

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Now, the national capital of India has become the center of Korean delicacies, and we are up for it. With that being said, let’s see what we have in store for us. Here in this post, we’ll guide you through some of the Korean-themed clothing stores and places where you can fill your Korean appetite. Starting with this list, let’s check out some clothing stores that sell Kpop-inspired clothes and fashion accessories. 


OnlyUrs is a fashion brand inspired by Korean culture. The shop sells a mix of everything, including classic outfits from East Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and more. You can find all kinds of dresses, tops, skirts and everything k-popped. For Delhiites, you can visit this place in Humayunpur, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110029. Furthermore, I’ll leave a link to their social media account below so that you can find their shop and contact them before visiting the location. 

Check out OnlyUrs here


UNIQLO has hundreds of outlets worldwide, and one can easily get lost in the long list of cultures it carries inside the shops. For Kpop and anime fans, this place is no less than a wonderland because you can find printed anime T-shirts, bodysuits and everything that will make you remember your virtual time in Seoul in your Korean dramas fantasies. The brand had an updated section of anime-themed products, and one can easily pick up these apparel because they are quite affordable. 

Ximi Vogue

Ximi Vogue is a clothing store in Kamla Nagar, New Delhi, that sells Korean fashion items. While researching for this article, I saw some photos inside the store, and they do sell hats, cute pillow sets, handbags, ladies purses, slippers and everything that’ll transport you to your favorite places in Korea. According to a post by LBB, the shop is affordable, and they usually sell items starting from just Rs 50. If you want to see some Korean drama in Delhi, then XimiVogue is the place to visit.

K Shop Korean Style Collection

K Shop Korean Style Collection is a classic Korean style shop in Mall Road, New Delhi. The shop has some of the traditional native clothing from Korea and offers many other items as well. I am sure about the food and other things, but this shop is like heaven for fashion enthusiasts. You can find your favorite outfits from Kpop, Korean dramas and everything natively Korean. If you are riding the Hallyu wave, this shop is a must. The correct address for this shop is – 43, Mall Road, Gtb Nagar, New Delhi, 110009.


Gashena is your one-stop-shop for everything Korean. The company keeps up with the latest Korean fashion trends and offers a massive collection of clothes to choose from. While researching the store, I came across various tops, skirts, cardigans and dresses that will match your taste. The best part about Gashena is they are available online, which saves a lot of money and time since you can check out the products on the website itself. You can click here to check out Gashena and its products. 

To sum up

We’ve already created some manga buying guides for our fellow otakus. You can check out those below. That aside, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the shops before coming in or at least check out their website to see their catalog. Other than that, travel safely and don’t forget to turn on notifications for otakusmart. 

Check out the manga buying guide here:



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