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5 Japanese Manga and Light Novel store in Mumbai

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5 new Japanese manga store in Mumbai so that you can buy your favorite manga and Light novels without spending a fortune on international sites.

I never thought that my first post about manga places will rank on the Google search results. This gave me the confidence to write a second one but this time I’ll be curating the list for 5 Japanese manga stores in Mumbai.

I know there aren’t any good manga stores in Mumbai but if you ever came across a video that vaguely describes the manga culture in Mumbai, then chances are you already know about the place. But if you have not seen any Manga store in Mumbai then tag along because this is a once in a lifetime experience to live inside the manga world in the heart of Mumbai.

Granth Book Store

Located in the serene area of Mumbai, Granth Book Store is one hell of a destination. You can simply pick up your favorite manga and Light novel to read while enjoying the cool breeze of air from the local beach. The staff is extremely friendly, and they always help newcomers to pick up their first book. Although I never visited the place myself, I have a hunch that it’ll be a paradise for us book lovers.

Address: 30/A, HM House Juhu Tara Road Opp Rotary Club, Santacruz West Mumbai Maharashtra 400049 IN, Juhu Rd, Mumbai, Maharashtra


There aren’t many comic book stores that are as popular as Comicclan. These guys started their journey in 2017, and in just four years, Comicclan becomes the leading comic store in India. You can find Tokyo Ghoul bundles to classic DBX manga under a single roof. I’ll be honest with you, even the Japan Foundation cannot match the Comicclan’s ever-growing manga collection. These guys are humongous and they will never let you down with your manga reading journey with their exclusive collection of Japanese manga, light novels, and action figurines.

Address: 4/304, Garden Enclave behind Siddhachal, Vasant Vihar Thane(W, Maharashtra 400610

Entertainment Store Mumbai (Bandra West)

Your one-stop destination for all your manga worries, Entertainment Store is one of the best places to buy manga in India. You can shop mangas, comics, novels, short stories while enjoying your favorite chibi Nauro figurines. The place is packed with books, lights novels, and whatnot.

Calling it only a manga destination is an insult, I prefer to call this store complete book heaven for all the readers around the world. Not only Indians, but foreigners can also sip their Favorite coffee while looking into a giant collection of books and novels.

Address: Title Waves, St Pauls Media Complex, Opp Duruelo Convent School, 24th Road, Turner Rd, Off, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

Nerd Arena

Internet nerd! this is your place and all of you belong in this shop only and nowhere else. I would have mentioned 2-3 things about the place but considering how big of a deal Nerd Arena is, it’s hard to write about such a cool store that has covered 10+ fandoms of anime, manga, DC, Marvel, and whatnot. You can find video games, movies, anime, manga collectibles, and some of the rarest pop culture items in the store that are so unique that no other manga store in Mumbai has them.

At this point i can only say, check out their website and let me know in the comment section. I am a huge fan of pop culture, and these guys have been working since 2020 and they are so successful. i swear if i ever visit Mumbai, Nerd Arena will be on my checklist and I’ll sleep there if they allow me.

Address: Elco Arcade, Hill Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050


Crossword is a diamond mine in a gold mine. While you can find all the marvel, DC, and Indian comics, Japanese manga fans are in for a treat as this book store has a tiny section specially dedicated to Japanese books, manga, light novels, and everything otaku.

I am not from Mumbai so I am not what and how many mangas this store currently has, but i am sure its positive reviews speak for themselves. If you are from Mumbai and you watch/read anime and manga then the place might feel like home. I have visited a few places in New Delhi and I can my city has so few options to buy manga in comparison to Mumbai. If you are an otaku then these places should be on your otaku list.

Address: Ground Floor, Crossroad signal, Kemps Corner Flyover, Kemps Corner, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400026

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