BTS’s skyrocketing success and popularity are known to all. After years of struggle, they have now become a global phenomenon. However, the question remains about what will happen after BTS disbands?

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BTS’s contract with HYBE

According to BTS’s latest contract with HYBE, their disbandment is scheduled to be held in 2027. However, it is likely due to their achievement of immense success that their contract might get renewed in 2027. In this case, it will surely enlighten the hearts of the ARMYs and, BTS would continue to surprise us with their heart-melting music now and then.

What if BTS refrain from renewing their contract?

BTS NDTV Interview

If the sad part of BTS not signing their new contract comes true, they would likely pursue their solo career. The predictions hence made are as follows:

Kim Namjoon (RM)

It is well-known that the BTS we see today is because RM chose BTS rather than going solo. RM is an ideal leader, a fabulous producer, a stunning songwriter, and one of the best rappers in the music industry. He has several career options that he can easily choose and live a  prosperous life. It is indeed difficult to predict what his decision would be. However, no matter how many plates or glasses he breaks, I’m sure that he would never break ARMY’s heart.

Kim  SoekJin (JIN)

As far as Jin’s career is concerned, it’s pretty much predictable that he might jump over from being an idol to an actor as it is a well-known fact that he wanted to become an actor before he joined BigHit as a trainee. His visuals are no joke and, he possesses all the qualities that an actor must-have. In conclusion, we can expect an actor Jin, occasionally might singing some euphoric songs or OSTs to bless our ears. In addition, ARMYs will always look forward to Jin opening his own company, JinHit Entertainment (HaHa!).

Min Yoongi (SUGA)

SUGA may continue to produce music by pursuing his career as a producer. We all know that SUGA can write songs even while sitting on his toilet. Therefore, he may also become a lyricist. Meanwhile, it is a known fact that SUGA has a lot on its plate. He has been working so hard for his mixtapes for years. I think he would keep on releasing his AugustD mixtapes even after their disbandment. 

Jung Hosoek (J-Hope)

Predictably, he might pursue something related to dancing and choreography. Since it is a known fact that he is like a dance teacher to all his fellow members, we see them equally getting scolded for their bad performance. Therefore, he may likely pursue choreography in the future—further, J-Hope’s solo songs like Ego, Just Dance, and Chicken Noodle Soup feat. Becky G was so astounding that it almost caused havoc in the music industry. It is also anticipated that he may pursue his solo career as an idol and achieve massive success. However, the only thing we can be sure of is that he would continue to ARMY’s Hope and sunshine, even after the disbandment.

Park Jimin

Jimin is one of the most popular idols in Korea. He has a huge fanbase both in Korea as well as outside Korea. Not only he is famous among the younger generation but, older women also have a crush on him. His feminine, as well as masculine features and moves, make him more distinct from the others. He can be a very popular solo idol after the band’s dissolution. I hope we’ll continue to see his cuteness and aegyo in his solo career.

Kim Taehyung (V)

As far as I can see, V has the most career options than the other members. However, considering his mental health, he may retire temporarily before choosing any solo career. It is very tough to say what career he would like to pursue. Considering the popularity of his OSTs, we might see him as a playback singer. At the same time, we have already seen his astonishing acting skills in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. Therefore, it is also possible for him to choose acting. However, since his visuals are famous worldwide, we can also see him becoming a model in the coming future.  

Jeon Jungkook

We see that Jungkook is an incredible singer, dancer, and performer. We often see him confessing how much pressurized he feels these days. In this case, he would likely take a break before choosing any solo career after the disbandment of BTS. He loves to make the cover of songs so that he may start a YouTube channel of his own.

We also saw a director, Jungkook, during BTS’s BE album era. He might try his hands on direction while producing his music and songs. Also, initially, he wanted to pursue dance as his career but has often mentioned how his perspective of looking at things has changed from earlier, So he may or may not pursue dancing as his career. However, one thing is sure, that he’ll forever remain the Kookie that we see today.

What will happen to the ARMYs?


The relationship between BTS and ARMY is much more than that of an Idol and Fan relationship. The members of BTS are grateful for ARMY and, all the ARMYs worldwide are always thankful for having BTS by their sides always. Therefore, whatever happens to BTS, whether they decide to remain in the band to choose their solo careers, it won’t ever break the unity of ARMY.

We’ll forever be cheering for all the members, regardless of what their decisions would be. We’ll keep watching their MVs, Run episodes, and Bon Voyage series on YouTube until they break another record of the most-watched episodes on YouTube. (HaHa!) Nothing can break BTS and ARMY’s bond.

Update on BTS military service:

BTS, the biggest boy band, has officially filed to postpone their military enlistment until they reach the age of 30. Although most men enlist themselves by age 28, BTS has been successful in getting the Government’s consent to defer their enlistment until age 30.

As we all know, BTS has been the head of the Korean wave. Earlier, the Korean assembly gathered the existing Military Service Act. Apparently, for BTS’s sake, the Government considered revising their Military Service Act, compulsory for all men of South Korea.

The amendment announced that South Korean men recognized for their artistic or athletic achievements are to defer their mandatory military service until age 30. It went into effect on June 23, 2021.

Fortunately, BTS was awarded the order of Cultural Merit by The South Korean Government in 2018, which was required for idols to achieve this. Armies will be glad to know that we will still be able to see the septet for another year until Jin enlists in December 2022. Yes! That’s quite news, right! Well, for me, it is! 

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