London is a beautiful City. It has everything you’d expect from a foreign destination. Beautiful bridges, nice weather, and coffee shops around every corner of the streets. But you will be surprised to know that London is a heaven for us otakus. It has so many otakuish places including, anime merch shops, manga stores, and cosplay vendors. After searching around in the Philippines and my home country India, I thought, why not write a manga purchasing guide for London.

So without further ado, let’s get started with our list of the top 7 manga stores in London. But before we move forward, I would like to say, the availability of certain manga titles depends upon your luck. So before reaching the manga store in or around London, please contact the shop owner about your preferred manga titles.

Japan Craft – Manga & Anime Store

Located in The Stables Market, Japan Craft is otaku heaven. Loaded with anime figures, plush toys, and a dedicated section for books and your favorite light novel, you just can’t get enough of this geeky place. Moreover, you can munch on your favorite Japanese candies while reading your favorite manga in the book section. I will leave a link to their official website plus its address.

JAPAN CRAFT – ANIME & MANGA STORE, Unit 62, The Stables Market. Chalk Farm Road, Camden Town, London NW1 8AH, United Kingdom

Gosh! Comics

Packed with Marvel, Japanese manga, and everything superheroic, Gosh! Comics are the perfect place for the inner otaku in you. From classic horror comics to modern-day manga bundles, you just can’t get enough of Gosh! Comics. You can find the address below plus a link to their original website.

Address: Gosh! Comics, 1 Berwick St, London, W1F 0DR, UK

Orbital Comics

For the inner otaku in you, you have to visit Orbital Comics. The place is filled with all kinds of manga and anime merchandise, plus, you can enjoy your favorite coffee while looking at a dedicated gallery of artworks. Check out Orbital Comics below!

Address: 8 Great Newport St, London WC2H 7JA, United Kingdom

Japan House

Your next home in England, Japan House is like a dream come true. As the name suggests, Japan House is more about Japan and less about anime. From Japanese history, food, clothing to Japanese manga, this place will fulfill all of your cravings for visiting Japan. To get a better insight about Japan House, check out their website below.

Address: 101-111 Kensington High St, London W8 5SA, United Kingdom.

Adanami Bookstore

Google Maps will fool you and you might end up in front of a grumpy old shop of ‘De-Luxe Cleaning’, but you have arrived at the right place. Adanami Bookstore exists within the basements of the very building. It’s a hidden bookstore consisting of Japanese literature, manga, and light novels. I will leave the address of the shop below but please confirm the shop owner before coming.

Address:30 Brewer St, Soho. London, W1F 0SS, United Kingdom.

Japan Centre

Known for its authentic Japanese food halls and cuisine, Japan Centre is the center of everything Japanese. Japan Centre has a lot of stuff to offer. They have classic sushi restaurants, Japanese snacks, and a dedicated cell for books and stationery. Though there are several mangas unavailable on the website, I would appreciate it if you contact them before coming.

Address: 35b Panton St, London SW1Y 4EA, United Kingdom

JP Books

Known as the largest wholesaler of Japanese books and comics, JB books offers the most versatility for your manga craving with bundles ranging from the early 80s to 2021 Jump Shonen. With so many books for literature and leisure time, any book lover would enjoy their time on the premises of JP Books. Below is a link to their website plus their address.

JP Books, 24 Denman Street, London – Booksellers near Piccadilly Circus Tube Station.

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