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What is the Divine Tree in Naruto, and how does it operate in the Shinobi world?

Divine Tree in Naruto

Throughout Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, the Divine Tree and the Sage of the Six Paths always come up in conversations between the Shinobis. 

They were responsible for creating the 9 Tailed Beasts and distributing the Chakra among people of the Shinobi universe. 

However, the reveal about the Divine Tree comes around the 400-episode mark in Naruto Shippuden, where Madara explains to Hashirama about the Divine Tree and the princess, who became the first person to have Chakra. 

He also explained the abuse of her power to gain control in a long-forgotten medieval war. 

According to the anime, when Marada comes back to life using Gedo Art Rinne Rebirth, where he sacrifices Obito to complete his infinite Tsukuyomi — the Uchiha’s leader explains the history of the Shinobi world and how everything came to life. 

Here is the condensed version of the origin of Divine Tree, Sage of the Six paths, and how princess Kaguya created an endless cycle of hatred among Shinobis that stems from the power of Chakra that offers flesh and blood humans powers beyond the understanding of the human psyche. 

Let’s roll with it, Shall we?

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What is the Divine Tree in Naruto?

According to sources and what I’ve seen so far, the Divine Tree, or the God Tree, is a giant tree that grows on soil or any other surface using the blood-soaked ground from the battles fought over several hundred years. 

The Shinobi world is dependent on the Divine Tree. Though not directly, it is the ultimate source of Chakra and something that created the Naruto world we know today. 

According to Madara, people from medieval times don’t have the slightest idea about Chakra. In fact, a thing like Chakra never existed before the princess took advantage of the Divine Tree.

 In his confrontation with Hashirama, Madara explains, “long ago, before when they (people) had the fainted concept of Chakra… people still continuously waged battle against each other. The Divine Tree….which had no involvement in such conflict, was worshiped by the masses as a symbol of a sacred pillar.

The Divine Tree was born from the Ten Tail, which requires the life force of an Ōtsutsuki to be sucked into the Tree. 

The Tree bore a unique fruit believed to be produced once in a millennium. The Tree was worshiped along with the fruit, and it was prohibited to pick or eat the fruit whenever it bored out of the Tree. 

However, a princess named Kaguya took a bite of the fruit to gain its powers and used it in the battles she was fighting. 

According to online sources, the tree seed landed on the earth from a meteorite that landed on the planet several millennia ago. 

It could change the normal functioning of a human body and its psyche in exchange for the humanity they uphold. 

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How Princess Kaguya indirectly created the Shinob world using the Divine Tree in Naruto?

Once she consumed the Divine Tree’s fruit, she “became a god” and ended the war on her own. 

She was believed to be the first person ever to have Chakra, which helped her gain god-like powers, which was unheard in the era when humans were only fighting with swords and brute strength — instead of Ninjituse and Tailed Beast powers the modern Shinbi use. 

Once winning every war that came to her, Kaguya bore a child who was born with Chakra inside of him. 

However, seeing the abuse of its powers transferred from one human to another, the Divine Tree came alive and started running after the people who stole Chakra from it. 

The moment Divine Tree came to power, it was evident that it was indeed the ten tails and had only one mission to kill Shinobi and get all the Chakra they stole from him back to its body. 

However, as time passed, the Tree was eventually stopped by none other than Kaguaya Child — Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, also known as Sage of the Six paths. 

Hagoromo started preaching about Chakra and how it can be used in a positive manner to build villages, civilizations, and everything that could protect humanity from killing each other. 

He was at the forefront of the human revolution, where nobody could fight against him nor argue with him about waging war — an absolute mad lad of the time. 

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The beginning of the Shinobi world 

Despite all the efforts and everything Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki did at this point, people started waging wars again. 

Since Chakra became a daily driver for people to do their jobs efficiently, warriors, fighters, kings, and everyone started using Chakra in battles, further amplifying the war into a gruesome cycle of power abuse. 

Once the lust for power and victories went overboard within the Shinobu world, the people and family members close to Sage of the Six paths eventually tried taking him down in order to concentrate Chakra on only them. 

Among them was the Hagoromo’s mother, Kaguya, who was angered by the fact that other people could also use Chakra and against her will — so she merged herself with the Divine Tree and became the Ten-Tails — all that to reclaim the Chakra she possessed after eating the Divine Fruit. 

Hagoromoa and his younger brother Hamura defeated the Ten-Tails, and Hagoromo became the first ever jinchūriki in the Shinobi world. 

As time passed, Hagoromoa traveled the world and distributed Chakra to everyone to help them with their problems.

He later had two sons named Indra and Asura and helped them understand the meaning of Chakra and how to use the Ten-Tails beast in the future. 

However, knowing the dangers of his mother being out in the world, he divided the Ten Tail beast into nine different beasts and gave them names to make them familiar with the world of humans. 

However, the two sons of Hagoromo had different ideologies and plans for running the Shinobi world.

Once Asura became the successor of Hagoromo’s will, his brother, angered by the disrespect, Indra waged war against his brother. 

Since then, the Shinbi world has become how it is today — two individuals fighting for powers until the very end — repeating the history of the two brothers who fight for ideologies.

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