Have you imagined what will be bounties will be after the great war of The Wano Arc? After Marineford, Wano Country became the battleground of the most powerful characters of One Piece. Well, Below, I will show you what will be the bounties of characters after the Wano arc.

These are my prediction and some references from other websites, like Cbr.com, YouTube.com, etc. I customized the list by little (I didn’t add Weevil).

1/10. Vinsmoke Sanji

Sanji is the cook of Strawhat pirates and 3rd strongest pirate on the ship. (Now we have Boss Jimbie). He was also a member of Gemma 66, An Evil Organisation in North blue.

He is quite powerful when it comes to fighting. And after the Whole Cake Island arc, he got his raid suite. Made by Gemma 66, You can assume Sanji’s powers are going to multiply by 2 or more.

Sanji’s precious bounty is 330,000,000. 10 million berries more than Zoro. (He is proud of having more bounty than Zoro).

In the future fight, I assume he will fight with anyone Tobiroppo. And also 2nd division commander of beast pirates – Queen.

After fighting with superpowerful pirates like Queen and Tobiroppo. His bounty will be more than 1 billion berries. like 1,100,000,000 berry. 

2/10. Roronoa Zoro

The right-hand man of Luffy and one of the most powerful pirates in One Piece. He dreams of becoming the most powerful swordsman in the world by defeating Warlord Mihawk.

He gives the most badass action scenes in the whole series. After the 2-year time skip, He didn’t show the full extent of his power. In all fights after the time skip, he defeated every opponent without much effort.

Zoro’s precious bounty is 320,000,000. But after the Wano arc, it will be more than 1 billion.

If you don’t know, Roronoa Zoro fights with Kaido himself and cuts him with his Emma (new sword). You can assume he’s almost the same level as Kozoki Oden. In future fights, Zoro will surely fight with 1st division commander King.

After Wano, His bounty is going to be around 1.2 billion or more. 

3/10. Trafalgar D. Water Law

Pirate from the North Blue, Law is the caption of Heart Pirates. He is currently fighting along with Luffy against Kaido.

His most powerful abilities are his intelligence; he can tackle difficult situations with a perfect plan. And second is his devil fruit power. Law’s devil fruit is one of the most powerful devil fruits in the One Piece world.

His current bounty is 500,000,000. As one of the strongest pirates in Wano Country, his bounty will hit 2 billion.

I assume he will fight with some powerful headliners, Tobiroppo and Kido himself. You have to admit he is quite a fighter.

As I predict his bounty, as a caption of Heart Pirates, will be 2,000,000,000.

4/10. Eustass Kid

The caption of the Kid Pirates and one of the supernovas, Eustass Kid same level as Luffy. He is the user of conquerer Haki, the devil fruit power of magnets, and has strong crew members like Killer.

The kid wants to become the most violent pirate in the whole world. He will not hesitate to kill innocent people if they interfere with his goal to become The King Of The Pirates.

His current bounty is unknown, but it will be around 800 million. His popularity is more than Luffy’s.

In Wano country, he will fight with one of the headliners, Apoo, because of his betrayal. But his main target or you can say opponent, will be Kido and Orochi.

Eustass Kid’s bounty will be around 2,200,000,000 berries.

5/10. Boa Hancock

Former warlord of the sea, the caption of the Kuja Pirates, and Queen of Amazon Lily – Boa Hancock is quite a big name among pirates. She is one of the most powerful female characters in one piece.

Boa Hancock is also known as “Pirate Queen” because of her beauty. The most amazing thing about her is he is a master in all types of Haki, like Dark King and Reyligh. Her devil fruit makes her more dangerous because she can turn anyone into stone who falls in her beauty.

Because the warlord system is abolished, she is now a common pirate (now common, by the way). Boa Hancock will also get a bounty after the Wano arc. She is currently fighting with the Navy to protect her crew and the island.

Boa Hancock’s bounty will be 2,500,000,000 berries. And one more thing, she is crazy for Luffy. 

6/10. Marco

Former first division commander and current caption of Whitebeard (Shirohige) pirates. You have seen him in the Marineford war and thing, how powerful is he? He has the power to fight with navy admirals on his own.

Marco has a special devil fruit, a Mythical Zoan type. Because of that, he is also known as Marco The Phonix. By marine, he is an idle candidate for a Yonko.

His current bounty is unknown, but as a right-hand man of a Yonko, it will be over a billion.

In his current position, he is not fighting in Wono country. But if he makes his appearance, he will fight with Big Mom or more powerful characters.

Even if he didn’t fight in Wano country, his bounty would increase. As per my prediction and Marco’s strength level, his bounty will be 2,600,000,000 berries. 

7/10. Dracule Mihawk

Former warlord of the sea and the strongest swordsman in the world. Dracule Mihawk is one of the most badass characters in One Piece anime.

Mihawk is a Red-Hairedrival and also a friend of Red-Haired Shanks. He fights a one-on-one battle with shanks, and every battle ends without a conclusion. Now you can think how powerful he is.

Now, the warlord system is demolished, and he becomes a pirate. Most likely, he also gets a bounty because he refuses to surrender and starts fighting with the navy.

His previous bounty is unknown, but he should have a bounty in billions at almost the same level as Shanks.

Mihawk’s bounty will be 2,700,000,000 berries after the Wano arc. 

8/10. Monkey D. Luffy

The main protagonist of One Piece anime and Captain of Straw hat pirates. Luffy’s dream is to become The King Of The Pirates. In the past, he fought with the strongest characters in One Piece. Like – Katakuri and Marine admirals.

Luffy’s current bounty is already more than a billion, 1.5 billion berries.

In Wano country, his opponent is Kaido himself, “The Strongest Creature.” Most likely, he also fights with Big Mom because her only reason for coming to LuffyWano country is to kill Luffy.

When everything goes over his bounty, touch 3 billion berries, like 3,500,000,000 berries. 

9/10. Shanks

Red Haired Shanks is a Yonko (one of the four sea emperors) and a former crew member of Roger Pirates.

Shank’s current bounty is more than 4 billion berries. He has his own territoryLuffy by the way.

He is the reason why Luffy wants to become “The King Of The Pirates”. Because of the Wano Country war and recent incidents like warlord abolishment, it will affect all over the world.

In that case, the Shanks’s bounty will also increase, even if by little. His bounty will be 4,700,000,000 berries after the Wano arc. 

10/10. Marshall D. Teach

Marshall D. Teach, also known as Blackbeard or Kurohige, is captain of the Blackbeard pirates. The most unique thing about him is he has two devil fruits power. No one can eat two devil fruits, but he can. He is the real reason behind the death of Whitebeard and “Fire Fist” Ace.

His current bounty is more than 2 billion, 2,247,600,000 berries. Of course, because he is a Yonko.

In the last episode, He orders his crew to attack a navy because he wants to kill Sabo by himself. A Marine captures Sabo. He is also one of the strongest characters in one piece.

When he attacks emperorsNavy, You can think how deadly the battle will be. Blackbeard vs. Admirals, Vice Admirals, and other powerful navy officers.

After Wano, his bounty will be more than 4 billion berries, 4,700,000,000 berries

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