MrBeast has taken the potential deal to fund the Naruto Remake that could change the course of one of the most popular shonen ever made.

On October 03, 2022, Studio Pierrot posted a short reanimation of Naruto on various sites, including Youtube. Shortly after, Shonen Leaks, an anime content source on Twitter, linked the video on their Twitter post, on which MrBeast asked, “How much do I have to pay to get every episode like this?” in reference to a potential remake.

Twitter user Leonidus1989 speculated that it would cost him approximately $90,000 per episode, which would cost roughly $9 million without filler.

MrBeast’s response to the Naruto remake

The cost per episode estimation is pretty accurate. According to, Naruto Shippuden costs about $90,000 per episode. However, there is a chance that the price tag could grow bigger.

Why did MrBeast make such a huge investment?

Ever since NARUTO stopped airing in 2007, a lot of fans have held sentimental value for the series. Even after Shippuden, it held undisputed records as a series… until Boruto dropped. Boruto was so controversial some scenes in the series were memed out of control by the anime community. So, to see young Naruto again with a new look felt like a breath of fresh air for many. 

Seeing this reaction and knowing Naruto’s massive success, MrBeast took the chance.

This man produces the wildest form of content on Youtube, easily raking in millions of views per video, including the first-ever real-life Squid Games montage.

However, this deal has not been made official as of yet, as there is still a lot to finalize.

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