Aren’t you tired of writing manga stores near me and buying cheap manga online? Like 90% of the time, you’ll search for “manga buy online India” and you get some random results with links to places that don’t even sell manga. But you don’t need to worry anymore. 

After selecting manga places in New Delhi and creating a manga buying guide in Mumbai, I thought, why not mark the whole country and create an article about the best places to buy manga in India. Of course, this article is written from my perspective and what I’ve seen so far. No matter if you want to buy manga in Chennai, Punjab, or anywhere else, this manga guide will help you narrow down your manga choices and get the best discounts on manga online. 

But before moving forward, I would like to repeat myself like I always do in the manga purchasing guides, the availability of manga titles is subject to availability, so please confirm the shop and manga store before making the purchase.

With that being said, here is the compiled list of the best offline and online manga stores in India. If you like to read about manga purchasing guides for New Delhi, you can click here for a detailed article. Otherwise, follow along as we unravel the manga shops to buy manga in India.

In the first half of the article, we will recommend some of the best places you can buy manga in India. You can personally visit these places to look around, select and narrow down your favorite manga. 

However, please be aware that the following list is curated with minimum sources on the internet. We don’t guarantee the availability of your favorite manga in these manga stores in India. 

So please contact the store/location coming in to purchase Japanese manga in your city. 

Best manga stores in India (offline)

There is something beautiful and nostalgic about paperback books. The smell and the turning of pages bring back memories. 

To relive those nostalgic moments again, check out the offline list of manga shops in India for purchasing or renting your favorite manga and light novels. 

  1. Granth Book Store (Mumbai)
  2. Comicclan (Mumbai)
  3. Entertainment Store (Mumbai)
  4. Nerd Arena (Mumbai)
  5. Crossword (Mumbai)
  6. Midland book shop (New Delhi)
  7. Bahrisons Booksellers (New Delhi)
  8. Om Book Shop (New Delhi)
  9. Mangaful Cafe (New Delhi)
  10. The Japan Foundation (New Delhi)
  11. Higginbothams (Bangalore)
  12. Blossom Book House (Bangalore)
  13. The Entertainment Store (Bangalore)
  14. The Anime Store (West Bengal)
  15. Odyssey (Chennai)
  16. Leaping Windows (Mumbai)
  17. Panbazaar (Guwahati, Assam)
  18. Lotus Eaters (Goa) secondhand books.
  19. Simon and Schuster India (Bangalore)
  20. The Entertainment Store (Gujarat)
  21. Avenue Road (Bangalore)
  22. Sunday Book Market (New Delhi)
  23. Ukiyo Bookstore (Manipur)
  24. ANIMENE (Manipur) contact via Facebook
  25. Creative Souls (Meghalaya)

So this concludes our physical manga store list in India. Please be aware that these shops might be opened/closed depending upon their operational hours. 

Please contact them before coming. 

Now that we’ve covered the best places to buy manga in India, let’s look at the best online manga stores in India where you can purchase manga online. 

With that being said, let’s list down another list of manga places in India but this time we are going online. 

Best manga stores in India (online)

Please follow the list given below to purchase your favorite manga and light novels online in India. 

Before starting this segment, please research thoroughly about the manga you’re going to purchase because you can always find a cheaper copy of the manga on different websites. 

You can bookmark this post to check out all the online manga stores in India one by one. 

  1. Amazon (PAN India)
  2. Flipkart (PAN India)
  3. Ubuy (PAN India)
  4. ComicClans (PAN India)
  5. VIZ (International online)
  6. Desertcart (India and international)
  7. Rehmie (PAN India)
  8. Entertainment Store (PAN India)
  9. Simon and Schuster India (Bangalore)
  10. OLX (Region-Based)
  11. Quikr (Region-Based)
  12. Indiamart (Region Based)
  13. Bookish Santa (Pan India)
  14. Odyssey (Pan India)

Best manga reading apps in India

If you don’t want to read the expensive paperback, there is always an alternative. After all, we are living in the world of the internet. If you want to read manga in India, you can check out the apps given below. 

  1. VIZ Manga (Android and iOS)
  2. Crunchyroll Manga (Android and iOS)
  3. Shonen Jump App (Android and iOS)
  4. INKR Comics (Android and iOS)
  5. ComiXology (Android and iOS)
  6. Kross Comics (Android and iOS)
  7. ComicRack (Android and iOS)
  8. MangaToon (Android and iOS)
  9. Manga Dogs (Android and iOS)
  10. Webtoon app (Android and iOS)
  11. Manga Reader (Android and iOS)
  12. Manga Monster (Android and iOS)
  13. MangaToon (Android and iOS)
  14. Manga Box (Android and iOS)
  15. Online Manga Reader (Android and iOS)
  16. Manga Zone (Android and iOS)
  17. Tachiyomi (Android only)
  18. MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA (Android and iOS)

So that concludes our ultimate list of manga purchasing guides in India. For any questions, quieres and contact us. If you want to purchase a manga not available in Indian subcontinent, we’ll get it for you. 


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