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Hidden Japanese Manga Stores In Bangalore

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Buying Japanese manga in Bangalore is a tough task. In fact, purchasing manga anywhere in India is a tough task. But thanks to Quorans, and Redditors, I found some great places in Bangalore to feed your manga appetite. Before we move forward, I just wanna let you guys know that I have never visited any manga shop in Bangalore. This blog is solely based on the information available on the internet, and the availability of these Japanese comics is purely based on your luck.

Now that I have given you my share fair of warning about the scarcity of manga stores in Bangalore, let’s see is a manga, and why Indian pop culture enthusiasts need to see them.

What is manga?

In simple words, the manga is comic. They are illustrations of Japanese stories written and hand-drawn by people known as the mangaka. Manga is complicated to make, and each page is hand-drawn to perfection, and the text compliments the spacing between the pictures. Also, unlike regular comics, the manga is read from right-to-left. This means the last page of the manga is the first page, and you have to read from right blocks to left. I have a few hard copies of manga, and you can see the image below to understand what I am talking about. Well, now that settles, let’s list down manga stores in Bangalore.


Higginbothams is the oldest and most reputed book store in all of Bangalore. It’s like a book paradise for people who want to read manga without getting irritated at home. To be honest, reading at home sucks because parents, relatives, and siblings always come in between those chapters when they are about to get interesting. Anyway, coming back to the topic. Higginbothams has a lot of things going on, and manga is not the only thing they are famous for. If you want to read manga in Bangalore, then Higginbothams is the place to go.

Blossom Book House

Whenever there is a talk about a new book in Bangalore, you’ll probably hear the word Blossom Book House. It is one of the largest book stores in Bangalore, and while you can find fiction books inside the store, Blossom Book House has a section for Japanese manga as well. Any otaku would love to see the store in person, and even if you are not an otaku, some superhero comics will surely captivate you to enter this large shop full of pop culture. I also searched for Google reviews just to get a little insight about this shop, and I must say I am impressed with their customer service, and a wide variety of books they have.

The Entertainment Store

I’ve already mentioned that how hard it is to find Japanese manga in India but that thing changed when The Entertainment Store started operating in India. The Entertainment Store is the key player in bringing comics and literature from around the world to India. They have everything geeky in there and you would love to know that the shop has a separate Japanese manga and light section so that you can find your favorite shonen comics under a single roof. I am not from Bangalore but if got a chance, I would love to see The Entertainment Store in person. The staff is extremely friendly, and you can read your favorite light novels without worrying about its prices because they offer frequent sales and discount offers to their customers.

So that’s where we end this blog because I couldn’t find more manga stores in Bangalore. But anyway, if you live in New Delhi or Mumbai then you can check out the other two articles that have a lot more options for manga shops. Also, please check my other articles, and If you like K-Pop, I have a category for that as well. I will leave the addresses of these shops below along with the time they operate.


74, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Haridevpur, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Blossom Book House

84, 6, Church St, opp. Amoeba – HM Leisure, Haridevpur, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

The Entertainment Store

47, Prestige Eureka, Church Street, opp. Hotel Empire, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001



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