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12+ websites and apps to sell stuff online and get paid in cash (2023 Indian edition)

sell stuff in India and get paid

I hate junk. No seriously! I always wondered what I would do with goods resting at my house. I wanted to sell my guitar that never saw the light of the day, I wanted to sell my old computer that has been sitting as a house for spiders, I want to sell household goods too and a lot of other stuff I wanted to sell online. 

I always knew two websites for selling stuff online for free. The first is the classic OLX, and the second is Quikr but what about more? How have ever wondered how many 2nd hand product website in India actually work? can you sell old items for cash in India?

In this article, we will be looking at 12+ websites to sell stuff online (India edition). To start with the list, let’s talk about the best app to sell used products in India – OLX.


OLX is an international website. Yes, you’ve heard that right! Despite being promoted in India as an Indian brand, OLX was originally founded in Amsterdam and moved to international markets between 2016-2017. On OLX India, you can sell stuff online easily, including your PlayStations, gaming laptops, socks, T-shirts, and much more. 


Quikr is the Indian variant of OLX. Started as a Bangalore-based Indian internet marketplace, this website has turned into a go-to for second-hand market professionals. Quikr includes listings for mobile phones, household products, autos, real estate, jobs, services, and education in over 1000 Indian cities. Pranay Chulet and Jiby Thomas launched it in 2008 and it continues to wow us with more products and customers from all over India.


SecondHandBazaar is another online classified website where users can sell or purchase second-hand items for free. I haven’t tried this portal before, but people post their products and even purchase goods from this website. While researching this article, I couldn’t find a SecondHandBazaar so it is safe to say that the company exists in the form of a website only. 


Clickindia, as the name already suggests, is an Indian website that allows users to sell their goods online. Unlike the popular classified websites, Clickindia doesn’t just allow users to post ads for their second-hand stuff but also helps in creating online stores in India. It also allows you to sell your services with the help of a website. This website gives a personalized experience to both sellers and buyers. 


Maxdeal might be one of the most underrated websites on the list because it caters to 20 million members worldwide. Out of which, one of every six users is an Indian citizen. As a big venture website, Maxdeal bridges the gap between customers and sellers in over 4000 towns and cities.


Secondhandmall is your one one-stop-shop for everything second-hand. I had a chance to visit the website, and without a doubt, the products are overwhelming and cheap as well. With this website, you can sell and purchase gadgets, smartphones, laptops, gaming PCs, gaming consoles, TVs, and pretty much anything you can imagine. Secondhandmall app is also a good option to sell your products directly from your smartphone. 


Togofogo focuses on the smartphones and gadgets section through its website. Like OLX, buying and selling goods through Togofogo is super easy, and it is one of the best places for cost-cutting since most of the listed smartphones are refurbished and used. This website provides up to 70% discounts on selected smartphones, and you can even buy your favorite iPhones at refurbished prices. 

eBay India

eBay first began as an online venture in San Jose, California, and now it works around the globe. With eBay India, users can sell and purchase items via online auctions. You can purchase mobile phones, cameras, computers, consumer electronics, Bollywood movies, music, and clothing, Indian art products, books, cars, motorcycles, Indian apparel/clothing, computers, jewelry, stamps, travel tickets, and pretty much anything you want. 

All India bazaar

All India Bazaar is another Indian website that allows users to buy and sell stuff online. You can easily create your online stores and sell your stuff for free. You can also search for other listed items on the website and purchase the ones you like. All India bazaar, as a domain, has a lot of power, and there is no doubt that it is the no. 1 marketplace store in India. 


Listup is a powerful website that empowers buyers and sellers by giving them what they really need. It is a new approach that bridges the gap between sellers and buyers in your neighborhood. You can instantly list your goods on this website and even bargain with sellers in real-time. 


Tradly is an open community of sellers where people can explore, connect, sell, purchase and rent things easily. The platform also enables people to donate and exchange their used and new products. The website is free to use, and anyone can sell anything from anywhere. 


Zefo is an e-commerce startup based in Bangalore, India, and it specializes in selling second-hand furniture and appliances right from your smartphone. Setting up an account with Zefo is fairly easy, and you can sell your refurbished products to thousands of people who daily use Zefo for purchasing and selling their old stuff.

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