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Recap on Brain Works Episode 7: A new update

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Brain Works episode 7 opens after a long week’s hiatus, we return to our detective-neuroscientist bickering duo again. This time we face a complicated case that, despite looking ordinary on the outside, is more emotional and complex than we think. 

However, just as we assume it is over, a drastic turn of events occurs. Also, aside from psychopaths’ brains, a specific person’s brain keeps piquing our neuroscientist’s curiosity, and he is ready to do anything to figure out how that brain is wired.

The truth about the video

Picking up where we left off, Ha-ru plays the video in front of everyone at the award ceremony to expose Myung-se’s alleged corruption. 

Despite Myung-se’s claims, it is only a sting operation, things keep getting worse for him since he has no one to vouch for him.

Nor does he agree to reveal any information regarding the high school girl.

However, just as Ha-ru is jumping for joy about exposing his corrupt partner, the high school girl arrives and supports Myung-se’s claims. 

Further, she argues that Myung-Se is her savior since, thanks to him, she stopped letting others use her to fool older men for money and led a better life instead. Myung-se’s image improves further, and, yet again, the joke is on you, Ha-ru.

Since there is no question about who revealed the video, Myung-Se asks to see Ha-ru later that night, and both soon engage in a hilarious tango-like-physical fight that only ends with Myung-Se spotting a granny who needs some help.

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Delving into our newest case

The bickering aside, this week, we have a thoroughly peculiar case from the previous ones. No one is found dead this time. 

Instead, just like in a typical missing person’s case, a middle-aged man comes to the police station to file a report on his missing wife. 

So far, everything seems normal, but when the husband tells Myung-Se that the one who hurt his wife is the virtual human AI “Cherri,” it looks like the case has more to it than meets the eye.

To solve the case, Myung-Se needs Ha-ru’s help, but our neuroscientist still needs to be grumpy, so he refuses to tag along for some on-field inspection. 

Through a visit to the couple’s apartment, Myung-Se learns from a neighbor that the husband kept kicking his wife out, but things got more intense, and he assaulted her. 

To buy some time to look around the house, Myung-Se asks the husband for his wife’s toothbrush or strand of hair for DNA registration. 

As expected, Myung-Se finds the wife hidden in a room, and the blood on the husband’s hands is clear evidence of the assault, so Myung-Se arrests him on the spot. 

Except that the husband keeps insisting it isn’t his wife but “Cherri” and that it is a self-defense act since she tries to kill him.

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Uncovering the truth behind the husband’s condition

Since the possibility of the husband being on drugs gets ruled out, it is more likely that the husband suffers from a brain condition that makes him confuse his wife for Cherri. 

And as far as brain conditions are concerned, no one is better than our neuroscientist, who, luckily, is done being sulky and ready to jump into the case.

Being a human lie detector, it takes Ha-ru a few minutes to conclude that the whole Cherri trying to kill the husband thing is a lie. Instead, the husband believes he is in love with Cherri. Scared that his wife will get wind of him cheating on her with Cherri, the husband hits Cherri and hides her body. 

The wife’s statement matches the husband’s claims. Angry that he was confusing her with Cherri, the wife threatens him to tell his wife about the affair. My head is spinning!

Connecting the dots, Ha-ru deduces the husband is suffering from Capgras syndrome, where one confuses his relatives for aliens or frauds. That syndrome happens because of an external injury, so the husband likely got that condition after falling off his bike, as his wife claims.

The husband gets hospitalized and receives surgery. Thus, he returns to his usual self, recognizing his wife as her true self and not Cherri like before. We also learn why the husband confused his wife with Cherri, not just an alien. 

Since his wife kept sexually rejecting him, the husband felt lonely. To fill that void, he started talking to Cherri, and one day, she replied to him, and that was how his condition began.

The case is over, and everything is good, or that is what we are led to believe at first. We end the episode on a drastic note, with the husband turning himself in, drenched in blood, and undoubtedly that it is the wife’s blood whom he probably killed or, at least, attacked.

Aside from the case, our not-corrupt-at-all detective piques Ha-ru’s curiosity that he is now adamant about figuring out how Myung-se’s brain is wired. But as told before in the drama, Myung-Se is only a selfless person doing his best to help those in need. 

Case in point: when Ha-ru announces he is resigning from the team or at least pretends to, Myung-Se runs after Ha-ru and tries to change his mind even though he is always on the suffering end of Ha-ru’s antics.

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